DOLLS STREETS 23/09/2014

Step  into Mylapore and you are greeted with dolls of all shapes and sizes and you feel time stands still devouring the beauty of  Gods and Godesses  and  are transported  to the celestial world. Suddenly you   realize you are firmly on the ground  when you notice the jostling crowd  trying to peep over your shoulder almost knocking you down  in the process!  You move on  wading your way to look at other dolls , mostly sets  of wedding scenes, partying   guests decked in finest clothes and accessories , cricket pitches with players clad in white ready to bowl and bat and the fielders  positioned at vantage points. The whole atmosphere comes alive and so does this temple town  which normally is filled with  women shoppers picking up  bangles  and articles ranging from pouches and  handbags  not to speak of  the regulars at the Saravana Bhavan   who  literally patronize  the restaurant.

Whoever thinks Chennai  is  not a vibrant city, should certainly visit  during   Dushera  and  take a leisurely walk through the  Dolls street  to get the real feel  of this cultural capital.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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