Cricketers all the way 23/01/2014

There is no gainsaying that among all the games we Indians play (no pun on the word), Cricket continues to hold sway even among children whose  goal appears to be becoming another Sachin. Unfortunately with an increase in Apartment complexes leaving no space for children to play out door games, private lanes  serve as their field  and  ours is no exception. Children of all ages  eagerly look forward to their holidays for a breath of fresh air and  make their foray into their favourite game.

Our lane which is generally quiet and peaceful  with only the residents’ cars  dashing  in and out of it suddenly bubbles with life and  we know the whole neighbourhood  children are having their practice sessions! They form a perfect eleven, their ages ranging from   three  and  fifteen.

When I  thought only school boys are crazy  after this popular game, I was surprised to notice a new team appearing  with their bats and  balls and found  a few  girls constituting it. Also they appeared  much younger, the oldest couldn’t have crossed even six. I felt probably a female counterpart to the icon of cricket is in the making!

Meera Raghavendra Rao


One thought on “Cricketers all the way 23/01/2014

  1. V Raghavan

    For the girls, Indian captain Mithali Raj or our own Murugesan Thirush Kamini can be the icon, even though they are not as famous as Sachin.

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