Chennai goes Literary 17/01/2014

Close on the heels of the Music extravaganza feasted  by Chennaiites comes the ‘Literary season’ providing food for thought  to potential writers, seasoned writers and  most important, avid readers  who provide  the impetus for the former two to soldier on. Quite understandably  the audience comprising a mix of  reputed authors, playwrights  and students of journalism eagerly looked forward to the session:‘Making Waves: How to Create an Impact as an Author’ to be an inspiring one but it turned out to be a damp squib with no unanimity expressed on the topic discussed. Probably it would have been better if  an  author of  qualitative books   with no high connections had been included in the panel to offer his/her views about promoting and marketing  his/her book. So would have been the inclusion of a publisher to make the discussion more meaningful  and useful to the audience.

It’s  heartening  to see The Chennai Book Fair which is on, continues to draw crowds, both literary and non literary. Despite online purchase of  books  and other products with a marginal discount, it’s nothing like seeing and opening a book physically and running through its contents before picking it up.

Long live book fairs and  literary interests of Chennaiites.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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