Cat out of the bag!18/4/2014

There are different explanations as to how the above phrase came into use but generally it means letting a secret out. Well, whether the two authors who had a common subject for their books had let out any secrets or not (I haven’t still laid my hands on the books) my recent experience has literally made the idiom come true. One fine afternoon I found the huge carry bag I stuff all the smaller ones with seemed to have developed ‘feet’ and chose to walk a little away from its position in the kitchen  which appeared strange to me. But what appeared even stranger was the sight of a huge carry bag  under the sink which had no business to be there unless it also chose to take a walk! I went closer and  lifted the bag in order  to unravel the mystery and to my shock  found it heavy and when I emptied it, found something emerging out of it! I  screeched  at the wriggling creature which I was not sure whether I was looking at a squirrel, tiger cub or some thing else.

Our Istri wala who readily came in to figure it out said it was a just born kitten. Soon his  grandchildren (all below five or so) joined and when they saw  the kitten  their initial excitement  turned into disappointment when they found the kitten’s mother was nowhere around to claim its offspring!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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