Alternative career? 11/8/2014

Have you been following the latest controversy  about weightage   given to English in civil service exams? I said  as we were having breakfast.

I t is Unfortunate,  chuckled   my husband.

Well, it’s true that one can achieve a lot without knowing English like the Chinese and Russians  did, I  said seeing the protesters’ point of view.

Quite, but we are not ‘one language ‘ people  like them, he  observed.

I agree , though we have Hindi as our national language  many of the South Indians are not familiar with it, I  lamented.

Then what do you think  is the solution? Posed my husband.

I feel English  should continue to maintain    its importance in educational sphere and the protesters should compulsorily  learn the language in the interests of their own future, I stated.

But that’s no solution, he   averred. By the way what do you mean by saying for their own future, he said stressing on own.

Well, lets assume that English gets less weightage or no weightage in civil service exams and the aspirants get into the prestigious service and happen to get disillusioned  after a time, they could always look for an alternative career or try to migrate to the U.S. , CAN’T THEY? I said.

Brilliant idea .You certainly score a point, complimented my husband.

n.meeraraghavendra rao


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