Age and Message 21/05/2014

All along I was under the impression  girls are better story tellers but my experience at a recent summer camp proved otherwise. I also learnt  age has nothing to do with the message you wish to convey. When I  asked  the class of a dozen odd  children to complete a story I had related , boys were more forthcoming than girls who had to be coxed  into participating. I was both amazed and amused  when a couple of boys  allowed their imagination to run riot. I was also pleased at the initiative they took to share  their own little experiences and the stories they had written.

I had  mentioned half a dozen children’s stories I had published in Champak and  asked which one of the two: A true friend and A girl called Fatty I should read to them. Excepting one girl, all the rest preferred the first. As I didn’t wish to displease the cute little five plus girl, I read the second story and was surprised  at the impact it had –the whole class  said they enjoyed it a lot. When I  asked   each one of them what message the story had conveyed, the little girl  who appeared playful  throughout the 90 minute session clean bowled me with her answer saying, ‘I learnt we should not make fun if a girl is fat.’

Is there anyone fat in your class? I  asked.

Yes, one she replied  shyly.

n.meera raghavendra rao  


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