Our Capilano experience 17/12/2010

The  Capilano Suspension Bridge, which is world’s longest foot bridge with a height of 230 ft. and a span of  450 ft.  built across  the  Capilano Canyon  of North Vancouever  is indeed a man made wonder  amidst wonders of nature  in this city.  But once I    stepped  onto the swaying planks of the wobbly bridge I  had  second thoughts on continuing  my journey  as my   pulse  started racing. Involuntarily my   hand   reached   the cool steel cable  for support and  I  felt confident of making it to the other end.   Halfway through the bridge  I saw  people  clustered  in places and  clicking away their digitals( I couldn’t manage to do so as balancing myself  was  itself  a problem). It  was a  photo spot  and  the view was simply marvellous   —clear water rushing far below, streams cascading down the canyon walls and  gravity defying trees  clinging to vertical rock. After a  little climb over  the gently sloping bridge to its far side we stepped  into a forest of cedar( The First Nation’s people of British Columbia coast have called the cedar “tree of life”), Douglas fir and hemlock, the giant trees that began their climb toward the sky before Europeans set foot on North America. Another adventure awaited us   when we followed the winding paths and elevated timber frame boardwalks( which again reminded us of  a similar  experience  in Cairns) which took us high above the forest floor for a squirrel’s eye view of a thriving coastal rain forest. This 650 foot long rainforest canopy walk is made up of a series of cable bridges suspended between platforms that reach as high as 12 stories (manmade wonders) and take you  from the  forest floor to the upper branches and from deep in the forest to the edge of the canyon and back again. It is totally unique and breathtakingly close encounter with the very heart of the forest !

n.meera raghavendra rao


5 thoughts on “Our Capilano experience 17/12/2010

  1. I forgot to add the following in my Capilano Experience.Read on.
    I felt amply rewarded for undertaking the adventure. I received a certificate which reads as follows:
    Be it known to all people that the bearer of this certificate braved heights of 230 feet(80metres) and 450 foot (150m) span across the raging waters of Capilano Canyon in North Vancouever ,British Columbia,Canada.In due respect for this act of daring bravado ,the proprietors of the world’s greatest suspension foot bridge hereby grant the bearer bragging rights for the period of two years from the date of issuance

  2. V Raghavan

    Bravo, Meera! No mean achievement for a saree clad woman. With my fear of heights, I wouldn’t have made it. You fully deserve the bragging rights!

    1. Can you imagine yourself taking the Grouse mountain ride in Vancouever and having a view of the city from a height of 1,100 metres? Please read my earlier post on this in the travel section

    1. I would like to know your reaction after reading about the Grouse mountain sky ride. For someone who could run down the stairs of a two storey building like that of CPR fOUNDATION and boast about it, just reading about the experience should not scare you V.R.

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