Silver, Golden or Diamond? 08/09/2010

Wish you  a very Happy “Golden Wedding” ,greeted  the  guests  as my husband and I   alighted at the venue  of the wedding.

Whose golden wedding is it? I asked  even as some of the guests  gathered there  were stretching their arms to handover the  bouquets  to us.

“Yours” ofcourse, they  replied in unison.

Ours?  Exclaimed  my husband  in astonishment  alternately turning his eyes towards me and  “our  well wishers.”   

Yes,  they all echoed, their voices reverberating in the air.

I think  there has been some mistake.  Probably  you are expecting   the “golden  wedding “ couple  who   might be arriving anytime  now,   he  said  looking  at the gathering.

No,  no mistake at all,  they assured us.

I am sure  someone has committed  a  mistake, I whispered  into my husband’s ear  feeling embarrassed  at  being the centre of attraction.   

Yes, I too feel they have mistaken us for someone celebrating their golden wedding, said he softly.

But, our golden wedding is nearly  ten years  from now, unless  ……I said.

Yes, unless both of us look ten years older than what we are,  completed my husband.

May be,  you are right, I agreed.

 On an impulse  both of us  turned our heads  to  have a look at the car  that was sent to pick us up from the hotel we stayed in.

We noticed  something was written on a placard that  was tied to the mudguard.

Silver, golden or diamond ?   The words  written in bold letters stared at us!

Thank God,  whoever played  this practical joke  seem to have some consideration for us. Perhaps they thought we looked rather young to be celebrating our Diamond wedding   quipped  my husband.

n.meera  raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “Silver, Golden or Diamond? 08/09/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar.

    It is better to be greeted prematurely for Golden wedding anniversary than for his 6th wedding and her 5th wedding for having lasted 50 days (not years). I fail to understand how American couples can switch partners like changing one’s socks. This is something we can be proud of in our culture.

  2. meera rao

    Like every other Day declared by the U.N.I had once suggested in my talk or blog (can’t remember)that there should be a Day for the spouse in order of his/her seniority where all the ‘exes’ are invited on the respective Days for a celebration!

  3. sundera gopalan

    So Meera its always better to wish in advance then forget.Your Wellwishers have wished you 10years in advance.Very well written Meera.

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