Can anyone help me?24/09/2010

What are you hammering away  looking so angry and furious? Asked my husband  watching me from a distance.

I didn’t know you are able to read my body language so well, I said feeling happy about his observation.

Well, I am so familiar with it now that I  can hardly  go wrong, he observed.

O.K. congrats to your power of observation which I am sure has improved with your association with me for the past four decades, I said.

You women have a habit of taking credit even where it is not due, he  accused.

And you men don’t give us credit even when we deserve, I shot back.

Enough of  accusations and counter accusations.Tell me what is the reason for your ire this time? he asked.

Well,  not you for once, I said stressing on you.

Thank God, for small mercies, he murmured.

I wonder why  I have such staunch enemies, I  rued.

Is the list growing?  He  asked  with an innocent expression.

You don’t have to be so sarcastic. You very well know I don’t have any for the list to grow, I snapped.

O.k. you still haven’t told me  against whom your ire is directed this time? he  said sounding serious.

Well, who else but my  faithfulls  who regularly visit me without fail and also follow me 24/7. My only regret is they cannot visit my blog and read what I write  about them, I  lamented.

n.meera raghavendra rao


6 thoughts on “Can anyone help me?24/09/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    This was an intriguing puzzle to solve. I might be mistaken but I guess those faithfulls are the stray dogs which regularly come near your house or follow you in the street for some distance. Maybe you have given them some food at some time. So they think you are Annapurna Devi. They do not realise that perhaps you have cynophobia and that they should hence leave you alone !

  2. meera rao

    No, not dogs because there are ways of keeping them away from you.I meant mosquitoes which hover around me where ever they find me, bite me to their heart’s content disturbing my peace 24/7.All methods (ceiling fan running in full speed, a table fan by my side, the “all outs” that promise to work but don’t work, the coils etc) of warding them off have failed miserably in my case. What puzzles me is that not a single mosquito visits or bothers my husband!

  3. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Maybe his blood is not as sweet as yours ! Seriously, males have more and thicker body hair which prevents easy access to the skin for those pests. Also there is a possibility that your hubby has a higher pain tolerance quotient than you and is not hence bothered by those bites.

    Short of dressing up as a deep sea diver or astronaut, you can do pretty little to ward off those pests. My friends have tried netlon screens on their windows, precluded stagnant water in their gardens & surroundings, asked the corporation to spray DDT (they have now become DDT resistant), but these rascals are merrily going about their business of causing malaria, filaria, dengue and chikungunia.

    We have tried to keep all our windows closed between 6 and 8 pm and open them thereafter. The theory is that by then those pests would have settled down for the night and wouldn’t bother to invade your interiors. It is working for us. So the theory is validated ! Maybe you could try this plan.

  4. V Raghavan

    Even though they cut down air circulation, netlons have worked well for me. When you use them, adequate care is necessary to ensure that there is no free passage for mosquitoes at any time. If a visitor walks in, please remember to close the door after her/him. Instruct servants not to leave the doors open even for brief periods. Spray the house once in a while with Baygon and keep all doors and windows closed for an hour or so. After that, use the exhaust mode of AC to drive out the Baygon smell.

  5. V Raghavan

    Found on the net!

    Do mosquitoes only bite people with sweet blood?

    They won’t know how you taste until they bite you, so clearly it doesn’t matter. Mosquitoes are attracted by the Carbon Dioxide from your breath, that’s how they find you in the dark. There are theories that some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others, but it has not been scientifically proven.

  6. meera rao

    Thanks Profs. for your suggestions–perhaps netlons are my last resort-hope they are effective and outsmart my foes.Incidentally these creatures have ‘merited’ a second article on my blog.The first one is titled:Friends, Fans or foes.

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