Recipe for happiness 30/10/2010

I have just come across a very interesting news item, I said.

What’s that? asked my daughter Preethi without looking up from  the  novel she was reading.

It appears  a study was conducted in the U.S.  to find out why some people procrastinate and it was proved that impatient people tend to do so,  I said.

Preethi suddenly started laughing  and said, why do they have to conduct a study to prove something  that is already established? A   useless exercise and  a waste of money, she  added.

Yes, I think what you say is true, I concurred  with her.

Who ever conducted  the study  could have spent their energy and resources on something more useful, she  said.

Like  what? I asked  to kindle her imagination.

Preethi closed the novel and thought hard. Ah, I have  got it, she exclaimed. I think it would be apt to do some research   on  why values are deteriorating  and gun culture is increasing,  she  suggested.

A very  good  idea ofcourse, but  don’t you think it doesn’t pertain to any one part of the world but  it is becoming a universal phenomena  like   Global warming? I  observed. 

You are right mummy.The media seems to be  full of it, agreed Preethi.

Coming to think  of it, I feel  the media is partly responsible, highlighting  all the wrong things , I  maintained.

Comeon mummy, you can’t  hold the  media responsible  for the criminal activities  of some deranged persons .  she said trying to defend  her  fraternity.

By the way, I  read  something  else  that  set me thinking,   I said in order  to change the subject. During an interactive session with an

 American novelist  who was on a visit to Chennai, someone from the audience wanted  him to give a recipe for happiness in three words.

What was his recipe? Did he say ”read my book”,said  Preethi  sarcastically.

No, you will be surprised  to hear his answer. He said “Speak  the Truth”

Golden words indeed  but impractical  in today’s world, commented my daughter.

Preethi, its not the first  time someone has spoken these words. I am sure  you know who I mean, I  said.

Preethi  had a blank expression.

n.meera raghavendra rao 


4 thoughts on “Recipe for happiness 30/10/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    My guess is that Mahatma Gandhi spoke those words. He of course wrote the book ” The stories of my experiments with truth’. He was inspired by the story of Sathya Harishchandra.

    I am wondering how speaking the truth might lead to happiness according to that American Novelist. Perhaps by not having the perpetual anxiety of being caught in your lies. Perhaps by not taxing your memory in having to remember what lies you told earlier so that you do not tell something different every time and embarrass yourself. Perhaps in not wasting your creativity in concocting other lies to protect yourself from that one initial lie.

    But what about white lies ? I was thinking of Victor Hugo’s Bishop’s candlesticks wherein the Bishop tells a white lie to the police to save the thief Jean Valjean.

    I have also met many people who are very crude, arrogant & supercilious and pride themselves as always “Speaking the truth”. They had hurt their subordinates and I had to counsel those subordinates so that they could recover their self-esteem. One could always tell the truth without unduly hurting others.

  2. mangala

    I like the article about shopping.But I never knew about any sales person who can behave like this.
    Always they talk to give the feeling we are youngto sell their product.But it is fun to read it.One thing I agree.Men fininh their shopping with in five minutes where we take,[but not me baba]hours to select and after reaching home we never like what we bought.
    But we keep the bill and the thing to exchange the next day.
    in this connection I want to tell you one USA they allow us to return.In the beginning I was soo surprised.After experience,I came to know of their strategy.We buy some more by returning one thing.

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