Nothing to laugh at-we are Indians 18/10/2010

I have to go to my  m-in-law’s place for Golu, otherwise it will not look nice, you see, said my friend.

I can understand  your English  because you speak slowly, but not  the vella kara amma’s  ‘kaathu pora’ English, lamented  the shop keeper.

Please come,  said  a lady  while bidding me good bye.

Thanks, not again  because  I had  my second coffee  just now. Too much  coffee  is not good.  Moreover I had a head bath being Friday, she added.

I completely forgot about the paal goa  which was  lying  in the fridge. I made it up  almost two months ago, said  my well wisher  while offering it to me. Would you like to have  boli  I brought from Bangalore?  She  wanted to know.

We are having three days leave   for Dushera, observed   a working lady I know.

Sorry, I kept you waiting. I was  inside  tying  my sari .


N.Meera raghavendra rao



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