My husband’s cooking lessons 20/10/2010

You have been postponing teaching me how to cook, accused my husband.

I didn’t know you were serious , I said.

Today is Vijayadasimi, an auspicious day to begin learning something new. You better teach me to cook, he literally ordered.

O.K. Learn to set the cooker first,  began my instruction.

Which way do I turn the  switch to light  the gas ? He asked.

To the right, I said.

He succeeded  in lighting the stove  using up almost a dozen match sticks.

Now what do I do? He asked.

Place the cooker on it adding  two cups of water, I said.

You mean the coffee  cup ?

I quietly handed over a stainless steel cup to him.

What next?

Take  one full alak of rice, in a vessel , wash it twice, add twice the amount of water and  place it in the cooker, I said.

Not so fast, step by step please, he  implored.

That done, I told him to place the lid on the cooker and the weight on it, which he did.

Now what do I do ? he wanted to know.

Wait till you get the sixth whistle and  turn off the gas, I said.

I want to make cabbage curry, he announced and I know how to go about it, he sounded very confident.

He took the cutting board, the kitchen knife and started chopping cabbage.

You just have to tell me what I should do now, he said smiling sheepishly.

The shredded cabbage appeared just right for the cow to eat, it was  four by four inches.

Since I didn’t wish to discourage him on his cooking journey, I told him to take a little oil in a vessel, after adding seasoning, to drop the shredded  stuff in it and add a little salt  and turmeric, mix and close it with a shallow  lid adding half a glass of water  in it mix it now and then  so that it doesn’t  get burnt, I said.

You can leave the kitchen and write something for your blog, he suggested .

Appreciating his gesture, I followed his suggestion.

He emerged from the kitchen  after half an hour  announcing  that  food was ready and we could have lunch  straight away.

Fine , I said making my way to the kitchen. When I  lifted the lid to see if the curry was done, I found the cabbage  floating  in water. I quickly  lit the stove and added some corn flour to bind the vegetable.

After doing so much  of cooking let me also  lay the table , he offered and placed the rice, curry along with the dhal and chapaties I had prepared earlier.

When I said the rice was a little soggy, he said it was all my mistake to have told him to switch off the stove at the  fourth  whistle!

I preferred not to argue with him by saying he heard me wrong.

See the curry is so tasty, he said looking extremely pleased at his own cooking  prowess.  I had never seen such  a contended expression  on my husband’s face even when we got married!

I  can mange  to take care of cooking  hereafter, he declared.

You  are pleased  to relish    the stuff  you dish out, I  quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao



8 thoughts on “My husband’s cooking lessons 20/10/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar.

    For a maiden attempt your husband’s culinary skills are more than satisfactory. For a wife to explain all the intricacies of cooking even a simple dish is difficult because when you are practising an art for a number of decades, many steps in the process become reflex-like actions and it is difficult to remember the sequencing of all the steps and draw up a flow chart for a novice. I found in my experience, the most difficult thing was learning how to repair a dish, if something goes wrong with the preparation, like adding too much salt to rasam or sambhar. I would then look at my wife sheepishly and confess to my crime. She would then come into the kitchen, push me out with some reassuring words like ” Don’t worry, you leave it to me” and in a jiffy repair the dish ! What I thought was a disaster and fit to be thrown down the drain would become suddenly edible and tasty.

  2. Geeta Santhosh

    Madam, you must give credit to Dr. Rao. After all it is his first time. Next time around it will be better. I am sure he would jotted the recipe down in one of the stylish notebooks he uses to jot down his random thoughts.

  3. meera

    Good and apt study of Dr.Rao’s taste in stylish things. He might pick up one such book to jot down recipes and one day publish his own book of recipes.

  4. V Raghavan

    When Prof Rao writes his book of recipes, I am sure he will make you co-author. Have you heard the story about husband and wife co-authoring a book and finally end up not talking to each other for three months! This story is often told to caution prospective authors about co-authoring! As author of two books, you must really write the recipe book on your own.

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