My Birthday ‘Gift’ 23/11/2010

A very Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns of the Day, greeted my husband first thing in the morning.

Thank you  for remembering dear, I said  even as I was  expecting the gift he had promised to  give.

I am sure  you  will be receiving a number of calls from your friends before tonight, he said.

I doubt  because  for all I know  there might be a repeat of what happened on my last birthday, I said  recollecting  my experience which  left me amused.

Tell me, I don’t remember  what happened a year ago, he prompted .

Well.  Most of my friends greeted me the wrong day, either it was a day before or the day after my birthday  with the result  I had to do a lot of explaining  which I didn’t enjoy  doing, In fact  I told them I was born only once .

Surprising  to hear that, because even if I forget  your  birthday, your friends never did, infact  they all not only greeted you but also  gave you a gift, if I am correct,  he said.

Probably they were obliged to do so  because they were invited to a party on the occasion, I  said  tongue in cheek.

You mean to say, you didn’t have a party on your last  birthday?  He appeared surprised.

Yes, there was no party, probably that’s why they  didn’t remember  the correct date, I  reasoned.

Well, it’s your fault, he  accused.

Honestly, I didn’t  mind when my friends forgot my birthday because   to tell you the truth, I  feel one should not count the years after  you become a senior citizen, I said.

Well, well, he parried. You mean women or men also?  He said.

That’s upto you, I can only talk about myself, I  stated.

Sounds reasonable and   I  agree with  you  cent percent.  Also  in order to honour   your  sentiments I think  one should restrain from  giving  a birthday gift  which again might remind you of  your   age, he  observed.

Before I could realize  that  I  had unconsciously  played into his hands, he cleverly changed  the topic.


n.meera raghavendra rao



5 thoughts on “My Birthday ‘Gift’ 23/11/2010

  1. Professor V.Raghavan

    Any birthday should be called n(th) birthday, where n is an unknown integer. This way you can still receive gifts and not be reminded of your age.

    Happy birthday!


  2. Prof.V N.K.Kumar

    Some people do not mind growing old and being reminded of their age in Bithday parties. Like Bertrand Russell, when asked in his nineties, whether he misses being young again, he said,” Well, frankly I have been there and done that. I do not regret not being young. Life is like a 5 course dinner. After soup, crackers or bun and butter, salad, main meat dish, dessert and coffee, I rarely have the temptation to eat the soup again.

    “Likewise, if I have had a meaningful childhood, youth, adulthood and am now in my senior years, I do not have any craving to return to the period of my youth or even adulthood. Heaven only knows that each period of our lives have their own unique stresses and it is great that we do not have to live it over again. Our brain remembers and retains only the positive experiences and edits out the unpleasant stresses we faced.

    “That is the nature of human brains. If we could remember all the bad experiences we have had in the various phases of our life, we would soon lose our sanity”.

    1. Our brain doesn’t always act as a good editor, retaining the good and deleting the bad though we like it that way. It throws up memories of bad experiences now and then just to keep our ego in check and also because life is a mix of both good and bad. However, success and failure don’t last for ever.

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