Children’s Day Celebration —NRI Style 15/11/2010

How did you all  celebrate childrens’ Day  in your school ?  I asked my friend’s grand daughter who came  visiting along with her grandmother.

Aunty, there was no celebration because  it is  a holiday for us, she said ..

Do you know why  the 14th. Of November  is called The Children’s Day?  I  said.

I think it has something to do with chacha Nehru, she said  hesitantly.

Though not fully satisfied with her reply , I decided not  to “tax” the  eight year old  with  any further  details of its significance.

You know  “we”  celebrated  the Day  in an unusual manner, said  my friend  Latha.

Where is the question of a celebration  when  we are not children anymore, I said quite amused. Infact even our children  have their children, I said  glancing  at      Preethi, her grand daughter.

Well,  we too didn’t expect  that we would be in for a surprise and ‘shock’ as well, Latha said  with a break in her voice.

First the  surprise, I asked getting curious.

Our  NRI son  called  early  this morning  to greet us, said Latha.

Greet you for what ? I  asked   raising my eyebrow.

Any guesses?  She said.

None that I can readily think of, I said, still wondering  what the occasion could be  for their NRI son to greet them.

Our son called to greet us for “Children’s Day” and  promised to do so every year as he thought  it was the “duty” of every  son/daughter  to greet  the parents  on this important Day. .

Now the shock—he  says he  has decided  to  stay in  that  country for good   because  he and his family find  it more comfortable  living there . “We have  more security here and  Smitha feels  that  you  should   move to  a Senior Citizen’s Home for “your “ security”, he  advised.

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Children’s Day Celebration —NRI Style 15/11/2010

  1. Professor V.Raghavan

    The chairman of a charitable trust (to which I contribute) told me once that there are 68 Senior Citizens’ Home in and around Chennai, the expensive ones costing around 10000 per month. I have a feeling that the Homes in India are not as good and efficient as similar homes in USA. Can any one enlighten the readers on this?

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