Reminiscences or—-

What are so engrossed in? asked my husband  who noticed me deep in thought.

Oh, I was thinking  of the Big Brother House and our daughter’s participation in the programme, I said.

But that was over long ago ,what made you suddenly remember the episode? Said he.

My train of thought  continued inspite of his interruption and it all came in a flash, every moment  from the time Smitha  informed me about her being selected  for the programme.

Mummy, I just can’t believe the news, I never even dreamt that I would be selected, she went on repeating herself.

Though I didn’t want to dampen my daughter’s spirits, I wished to warn her about the ordeal that was in store for her.

Smitha, you need to adjust a great deal with your housemates, who for all you know might be a cantankerous lot, out to bully you and make your life miserable during your stay at the House, I said.

Not to worry Mummy, just wait and see, I am sure I will come out a winner, which, besides giving me that important celebrity tag, will increase my bank balance as well, oh, I just can’t imagine by how many millions! she assured me with her usual air of self-confidence.

As the days of her departure were drawing near, my fears only increased knowing my daughter’s “capacity” to adjust. Whenever I expressed my doubts about her fate which depended upon total strangers constituting her fellow inmates, she brushed my words aside saying they were baseless. If Shilpa Shetty could acquit herself, I am most certain I too can, was her attitude.

The preparations started in right earnest with the girl going on a shopping spree everyday for clothes, cosmetics, gifts, etc., and attending a few self-improvement courses, spending a fortune on them.

Finally, the day of her departure dawned and all of us in the family along with a few friends gave a grand send-off to an excited Smitha who appeared all set to contend with the worst of behaviours of fellow inmates of ‘The Big Brother House’. Unfortunately, neither I nor Smitha herself had an inkling of who the other inmates were. The fact that I couldn’t watch the show from here made my plight worse.

A few days passed, and I heard the phone ring, it was a long distance call. I was surprised to hear Smitha’s voice. Even before I could say anything, Smitha began her tirade against one of the inmates. You know Mummy, that woman was hell-bent on torturing me from day one, finding fault with whatever I said or did. She used the choicest abusive language and tormented me 24/7. Thank God, at last I am happy to be relieved, she said.

But Smitha, it is not in you to take things lying down, how is that you have not given her back? I said.

By the way, how old is this woman who dared to abuse you and to which country does she belong? I asked.

Mummy, I had the shock of my life when I came face to face with her in the Big Brother House and I knew I would be the loser, said Smitha.

Who is she? I asked not able to bear the suspense any longer.

Can’t you guess! Who else could this despicable woman be but my mother-in-law who manouvered herself and saw to it that she would remain in the House and I would be evicted, she said in contempt.

Is it fear or  wishful  thinking, I wondered  waking up to reality.

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Reminiscences or—-

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Unfortunately Smitha doesn’t have a MIL as empathetic as yours. But then what is the genesis of the age old rivalry between Ms-I-L and Ds-I-L ? All mothers invest a lot of time, energy and devotion in the upbringing of their sons and just when it is ‘Pay back time’ the son gets married and focusses all his attention on the newcomer, who becomes the cynosure. The mother can’t blame the son because she loves him unconditionally and it would cause cognitive dissonance in her. So the scapegoat is the DIL. She blames the DIL for taking away her son from her and this creates the rivalry between them…..Phew ! Having said that, I was wondering what would have happened if you and your late MIL were to have participated in “Big Brother” or in the Indian version “Big Boss” ? Either of you would have evicted yourselves through bad behaviour if it would have increased the chances of winning for the other person or both of you would have conspired to show the rest of the participants in a bad light so that they get voted out and finally sacrificed yourself for the other person. Your guess is as good as mine !

    1. meera rao

      Yes I would have sacrificed it for my mil with ofcourse a vested interest–knew she would certainly give me a part of the prize money and the rest to charity ,having known her soft corner for the have nots.

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