Private Elections

May 10, 2010

Everyone seems to be talking of nothing else  except the ensuing  elections, and the probable party coming to power, remarked my husband even as he was reading the day’s paper. 

Well, anything that is topical is the uppermost in people’s mind. The past month began with the marriage of a celebrity, soon followed by IPL and its “maker”, then the Telecom scam and now the elections. People seem to be apprehensive about the prospective Leadership and its crop, rightly so since our fate  depends so much on their caliber ,I  observed.

Mummy, I have a brilliant idea, shall we also have elections? butted in my son who is awaiting his results of  his plus-two exams  and didn’t know what course to pursue. He found time hanging on his hands and always went around with a bored look on his face.

What do you mean by having elections? And tell me who are the candidates and who are the voters? Are you joking or are you looking for some excitement? I asked.

No, mummy I am serious. There are so many people we know. Acquaintances, relatives and friends. I will spread the word among them and design forms for nomination and we can have a secret ballot and see who will come out the winner, said the fellow, all in one breath. 

Since I didn’t want to dampen the young boy’s spirits, I told him to go ahead with his plan. 

From day one, the teen started his preparations helped by all his friends, more than a dozen of them trooping in and out of the house, at all times of the day and me supplying a different menu each day to appease their large appetite.

The D day arrived and we were given our identity cards in order to exercise our vote. 

I ran through the list of candidates against their party symbols. The parties had weird and outlandish names, so did the candidates. 

Different things were written against the names of each candidate whose photograph stared from the ballot sheet. Most of them appeared strangers to me. 

What was written read as follows:

A richly experienced octogenarian, very fond of his seat.

A consummate liar, who doesn’t know what truth means.

Believes in sacrifice – of tradition and values. 

Believes in charity – donating public money for family  cause.

Loves food and luxury – at others’ expense.

Good at making speeches not matched with action.

A bachelor and woman-hater – thinks women’s place is in the kitchen.

Disgruntled bureaucrat, hopes  he will at least be a successful politician.

Believes a lot in her charisma to win votes.

And the captions went on and on which left me confused and puzzled making me wonder at my son’s power of imagination. I was however happy that even if he failed to make it to any  professional college, the option was always open – i.e. to join politics!


N Meera Raghavendra Rao


3 thoughts on “Private Elections

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Like Alice in wonderland, we might find all our present perceptions & accepted values becoming topsy-turvy one day. Values like truthfulness, promise-keeping, sincerity, honesty, fidelity, dependability, accountability, justice, tolerance, and compassion might become conspicuous by their absence and the opposite of these values would be considered as virtues. It happened in the regimes of Hitler, Stalin, Pol pot and Idi Amin in recent history. Could happen again. Frightening prospect, isn’t it ?

    If that happens, then the candidate with any of those 9 traits that your son mentioned would be voted to power. Not that it is not happening now. But even the intelligentsia will enthusiastically vote for such people, unlike the illiterate and gullible masses who vote now.

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