My Blog’s First Anniversary 25/05/2010

May 25, 2010

How would you like to celebrate your BLOG’S first anniversary?  Asked my husband.

Quite surprised  at his unexpected question, coming from a reluctant reader of my blog that he was, I took some time  to answer him.

I am waiting, he said, his expression conveyed his impatience.

Well, I have a lot of plans, I said.

Hope they are not too lofty  which  are likely to  burn a hole in my pocket, he said as though to warn me.

It all depends on how you look at it, I  replied albeit gingerly.

Don’t you think the first anniversary should  be celebrated in a befitting manner? I  said.

Now  you seem to warn me of  what you are going to suggest next.( I could sense his anxiety from his tone).

Oh, don’t worry, it’s going to be a very austere celebration, I  said laying his fears at rest.

Instead  of  the suspense why don’t you  come out with what you have in mind?  he  said.

Well, I have  three options and it is for you to decide which one appeals to you most, I   said.

Treat my readers, especially  the ones who care to post their comments to a good dinner at a decent  hotel.

Treat  them  to a good  lunch at home.

Ask  my readers who post comments to treat ‘me” instead, I said all in one breath.

None of them  are practical  because  of  obvious reasons, he observed.

Oh, yes, I know. I had forgotten that it is not possible because of  geographical factors, I stated.

I have a bright  idea which is not only practical but possible as well, I  said.

What is it?  he asked with  apprehension.

Just buy  me  a Diamond  Necklace, I  said  and waited for his reply.

Readers, can  you guess  what his reply was?

n.meera raghavendra rao 



16 thoughts on “My Blog’s First Anniversary 25/05/2010

  1. K Hariharanath

    It has been a great going. This blog is a great example of showcasing the integration of technolgy with human feelings. Wish that more comes out of it in the days ahead. Happy anniversary as blog completes one year of age, blogage.

    No blog is successful without having substantial readers. Your are able to garner the support of readers in a big way and establish a special place for your articles.

    Time to read more, share more, comment, blog, blog….go blog way.

  2. K N Rao

    Can’t guess Rao’s reply.But you served him right.Afterall,he broached the subject!You deserve your necklace and he,that big hole burnt into his purse.

  3. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    You wanted the readers to guess. Readers could belong to either gender, male or female (for the time being ruling out the pseudo-hermaphrodites). If I were to be a female reader I would like the husband’s reaction to be ‘ Sure enough my sweety pie. At what time today should we visit the jewellery shop ?’. If I were to be a male reader, I would have liked this reaction from your hubby, ” You have asked for a Diamond necklace. You know that I can afford this expense. But darling, you are not even wearing the stuff which you already possess, what with the mushrooming of chain snatchers in our metropolis. What is the point of buying this one and keeping it in a bank locker for 364 days in the year, only to wear it on one day as a status symbol in one of the marriages that we have to attend ? Can you think of some sarees instead ?”…….

    But seriously, I must congratulate you for the perseverance with which you keep inventing your skits to express your creative restlessness. Happy first anniversary !

  4. orrvee

    Happy anniversary. Your perseverance over the last 12 months deserves to be listed along with the womens’ strong points of intuition and multi-tasking skills.

  5. neela

    happy anniversary. great blog.
    did r. rao give you a virtual diamond necklace? 🙂
    just kidding meera,
    i go on record inviting you to a good lunch, the two of us

    a suggestion: let the date appear near the title of a posting.

    1. meera rao

      I think the necklace is in the offing-virtual or real.Certainly we will have lunch together -date and venue to be decided later.

  6. Happy Anny Meera.
    Congrats. I cant believe that it is lamost a year since we had that conversation that you must start a website / blog. How time flies!
    Just drag your unsuspecting husband to I just saw an absolutely gorgeous necklace last week :).

  7. S.Gopalakrishnan

    Dear Ms Meera Rao Though I have not read your articles recently I still remember the ones I had read earlier -They were very timely ,written crisply with a touch of humour and full awareness of the context It became easy to relate oneself with the event/incident that you were describing Now for the diamond necklace Prof Rao will surely get you the same as assuredly as he used to meet the computer requirements of my team-spare parts at Hindustan Motors in his usual calm ,soft ways No earthquake could shake him !!Best wishes on completing One year at BLOG Wishing more writing years and warm exchanges of news and matters of interest..Gopalakrishnan

  8. meera rao

    Thanks a ton Mr.Gopapalakrishnan for recalling reading my earlier articles and your compliments on my writing. It’s always nice to catch up with well wishers like you .

  9. Keep it going, Meera! Congratulations! I think I should read your blogs more often… might get a chance for an OC dinner! By the way, did you know how the word OC came to be used? Let me know and if you’re right, I’ll give you a small treat… at your favourite eat-out…

    1. meera rao

      Thanks Sashi for your good wishes. OC means at others’ cost .It is a colloquial term used in Tamil also , a glorified term for wangling something free.


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