A Breath of Fresh Air

I  think this was the best  convention  put up by  the organizers. It came as a breath of fresh air after  a long time,  I said returning from the whole  day programme  held at one of the five star hotels.

You look quite pleased and happy. What  is it that has impressed you so much, asked my husband  who appeared surprised  at the compliment I was paying the organizers.

Certainly it was  different from  the conventions  I attended   the past  few years, I reiterated mulling over  some of the speeches  made by women achievers.

What  were the “bring home  points” that  are worth putting into practice, he said.

It sounds like  a “carry home pay” I laughed.

Bring home or carry home, does it make a difference as long as they are worthy of practicing,  he  said.

O.K. for instance, I found   one of the speaker’s  approach to the theme was very innovative   and practical, I said.

Does it mean the approach  of  others  was not? He  countered.

Well, I didn’t mean that!  They  were good in their own way, from their own point of view, I  suppose, I   said in their defence.

Why don’t  you come to the point and tell me  more about the content in short?  He  asked  impatiently.

You mean  the content  in general or only that which can be practiced? I said.

What ever could  be practiced, ofcourse. He  stressed the last word.

O.K.  Speaking about  women’s   strengths  she  said they were good at  multitasking, their   intuitive skills  were sharp, and  more than anything, they were   patient  listeners, I said  trying to recollect  the speaker’s  words.

Very good   assessment  indeed  of their own sex.  But  don’t you think men could  make a more objective assessment  of their opposite sex?  Observed my husband  nonchalantly.

And vice versa? I   shot back.

Well,  not exactly. Perhaps  she is “right” and also “practical.” I agree that the convention has come as a breath of fresh air which should permeate, he observed after a pause.

Thank God, for once  we seem to agree on an important issue, I said  feeling delighted at  the  change of  his attitude  towards women .

Now don’t you think you should practice  all these from day one, he suggested.

Ofcourse, no doubt about it, I conceded.

Hereafter, you  shall take charge of the wheel, my financial affairs as well, predict the sensex  and  more important of all,  not only listen patiently to what I say  but also “do” as I say,  he  stated  looking straight  into my face!

n.meera raghavendra rao


3 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Sometimes honesty doesn’t pay ! Your honesty in revealing the valid points made by a speaker e.g., ” Women are good at multitasking, have sharp intuition and are patient listeners” backfired and gave the idea to your hubby that he can henceforth expect you to drive the car, manage his investments and listen to him and act on it…..very funny.

    Ofcourse you must be using your artistic license to portray your husband in this way. Maybe in real life he is not a misogynist ?! But assuming he is what you say, does it mean that women should be guarded in their communications with their husbands or does it mean that husbands should stop expecting their wives to be perfect in everything even when they themselves are not ?

    Our real lives are hardly funny. To see the ordinary events in a humorous way requires a special talent. You have that talent.

  2. orrvee

    Intuition and multi-tasking skills are the key words here.

    Women at the top (there a number of them nowadays) make use of intuition more than men to arrive at vital decisions, right ones at that!

    An amusing example of multi-tasking is the lady who works part time for me. She makes my complex drawings using AutoCad, with one hand on the key board and the other on the mouse. At the same time, she holds the telephone between the ear and the shoulder and talks to her daughter!

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