My Resolution for our New Year

What are your resolutions for  our  New Year, “Ugadi”?   my husband wanted to know.

Never thought of them, I said. 

Nothing new, even if you make them, you drop them like a pile of cards even before you try to abide by them, remarked he. 

O.K. why don’t you tell me yours, I said.

There are quite a few, that is if you are prepared to know what they are, he said.

Yes, of course, go on, I would love to hear them, I said, getting interested. 

Resolution No. 1. I wish to reverse positions. Hereafter I will choose the menu for the day.

Resolution No. 2. I shall decide the month’s budget, no deficit budgeting in future.

Resolution No. 3. Cutting down on our eating out.

Resolution No. 4. Entertaining guests chosen only by me(read cocktail crowd).

Resolution No. 5. I shall select my wardrobe and yours as well.


Aye, all your resolutions seem to be biased and one-sided, I said, interrupting him. My opinion doesn’t seem to matter at all in your scheme of things. Do you want me to be a doormat? I said, quite annoyed at his list. 

Not exactly, he parried.

O.K. Now let me tell you my resolution. I have made just one, a simple one, you see, I said stressing on  one. 

Thank God, he said  sounding relieved.

My resolution for “Ugadi ”  is  “Status quo ante” and I  am very serious   to abide by my resolution this time, I said  without batting an eyelid.

Hubby was nonplussed.


One thought on “My Resolution for our New Year

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Very hilarious.

    Most people are unable to make lasting changes simply by resolving to do so. After all, the things we resolve to do or not do, generally involve the most difficult, unsolvable problems in our lives or bad habits that have taken years to develop. It is unrealistic to think that suddenly we will have the power to erase our conflicts and negative behaviours, just because we have done it in the beginning of a New

    I could never keep any New Year’s resolutions, except one, which I made 40 years ago. I had resolved to stop making New year resolutions ! Your resolution of “Retaining the status quo” perhaps because everything is already optimized in your life, reminded me of my earlier resolution !

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