My New Enterprise

What are you so preoccupied with? Asked my husband noticing me deep in thought.

Wait, don’t disturb me, I am seriously considering becoming an entrepreneur, I said without even turning my glance at him.

That’s interesting, what business are you proposing to start? He said.

Well, I  have two or three options in mind, I said.

What are they? He asked. (I could  sense his curiousity )

My first option is  opening an outfit  for readymade   blouses, I said.

His chuckle  indicated his disapproval  but I went on, you know tailors charge  exorbitantly to stitch blouses these days, in fact they prefer stitching dresses and  the like, I said.

What is your second option? He said.

Opening a Lending library, I said.

That  sounds more sensible, why don’t you do that, considering the large  collection you have, buying every book that you fancy, he said with a tinge of sarcasm.  Perhaps you can even recover  a part of the cost by doing so, he added.

That’s my intention also, I conceded.

What is your third option? he asked.

I t is something  what I do everyday, I said.

You mean nagging?  He said  pre-empting me.

Don’t be silly, I can’t  become an  entrepreneur of nagging, in fact I will be happy if you stop your nagging  and nitpicking, I accused.

O.K. without digressing, why don’t you tell me your third option?  He asked impatiently.

Opening  a  Food  joint, beginning  with  breakfast  to start with, that too comprising only  one item, I said.

What is that going to be? He said  becoming more and more interested as well as curious.

One of the many items I am good at preparing, I said  proudly.

That’s news to me, anyway tell me what you have in mind, he  said.

Why don’t you guess?  I  said.

After  a long pause he said, I give up because  to be frank, in my  opinion  cooking  good food   is not one of your strong points.

Don’t  dampen  my spirits, anyway I  have decided to go ahead with my third option, I said.

The  one item  on the menu for breakfast is going to be “Pesarattu”, a typical Andhra dish, I  stated.

You mean MLA PESARATTU?  He asked. I could see his mouth watering  at the mention of  the Andhra exclusive.

Why don’t you start your venture straight away, you will have my full support, he offered.

 Glad at his approval  and his offer, I  wanted to know in what way he would help me.

In whatever way you wish. I could be your  taster for one thing and  take care of your accounts, he suggested.

Thanks, tell me what do I call my enterprise? I said

“Meera Mami’s Pesarattu joint”, he replied with an air of  pride.

Why not have  your name as a suffix in place of Mami? I  suggested

You better stick to your second option,  was his spontaneous  reaction.


n.meera raghavendra rao    


3 thoughts on “My New Enterprise

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    I liked this skit. Knowing your culinary skills as well as he does, your husband is reluctant to have his name associated with this venture, to avoid embarrassment later on. Understandable. The target of the joke is you. That is the best way to make people laugh.

  2. meera rao

    You seem to under estimate my culinary skills.The reluctance of his name to be tagged for something which is considered still a women’s domain is not the reason he had in his mind.He thinks a man with a doctorate degree in finance should be associated with better things–read academic.

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