Mood elevators or depressants?


Are you one of those who take the advice of doctors to recommend mood elevators or stress busters? For all I know, the doctor will first ask the reason for your stress and most often your work and your boss become the scapegoats!

You might end up swallowing all those placebos recommended by your doctor and whether they provide any relief or not, they surely will relieve you 
of your life’s savings.

You might think a home maker who also happens to be a person working from home like me is someone to be envied at as she doesn’t have to contend with a cantankerous boss or keep odd hours of work. Let me tell you that you can’t be more wrong!

To begin with we run the home and also value our “free time” because we have our commitments and deadlines to keep. In the midst of all these we may not have to answer our boss but have to answer numerous calls (sometimes unwanted ones) emanating from the phone ring and the ring of the call bell which sometimes appear to compete with each other.

If your callers happen to fall in the category of hypochondriacs or geriatric well-wishers of yours, you are obliged to be polite and not forced to disengage the conversation abruptly especially when they are in the midst of reeling out their ailments (genuine or imaginary) expecting you to lend a sympathetic ear. Unfortunately they expect that you also share some of the ailments and are happy when you say they are not alone.

Now, are you convinced that stress need not be caused by work or the boss alone but by mood depressants around you?

It is said that “A lie oft repeated becomes the truth” and in the process of sympathising/empathising with these mood depressants I am beginning to feel a hypochondriac myself! What a heavy price to pay for being polite? I only wish the world consists of more mood elevators than the other kind.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


2 thoughts on “Mood elevators or depressants?

  1. orrvee

    Mood elevators or mood depressants may well depend on the attitudes one has developed over a period of time. A person having the toughest of jobs may be singing his/her way through the job. On the flip side, a person not answerable to anyone and has all the time in the world may be hit by depression. This reminds of the story of an optimist, who fell from the 109th floor of a building and told someone standing at the window of the 52nd floor that all is well so far!

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