The wedding “Invite” 14/06/2010

I had one look at the date on the calendar which was circled in red and the letter R was written inside the circle. This was a code I used to remind myself that we had to attend a wedding reception that day. I eagerly looked forward to this day, which meant apart from meeting some friends, giving a holiday to my cooking for the evening (I think I am in good company).

The said day arrived and I had reminded my husband about our engagement for the evening, asking him to come early from office so that we would have sufficient time to get dressed and reach the venue in time for the wedding reception. In view of the large spread we would be having at the reception, I had packed a simple two course lunch for my husband.

I looked into my wardrobe and after taking stock of my few expensive silk sarees, I finally decided on my latest acquisition, a rich burgundy red with green embroidered border and pallav. True to his word my husband came home earlier than usual and after a quick wash and a cup of coffee, got dressed in a jiffy. 

Where is the reception taking place, a hotel or in one of the kalyana mantaps? asked my husband even as he was locking the door to get into the car. 

I blinked because till then it didn’t occur to me to look for the wedding invitation and take note of the venue of the event.

Wait, I said helplessly, let me search for the invitation. I searched and searched in all possible places but found it nowhere and hesitantly told him so, quite sure that he would burst out on me. But I was wrong, because he coolly said tongue in cheek, whether we had received  the invitation at all ?

It  was only then that I remembered the lady in my  neighbourhood  informing me about her son’s wedding . “Please keep yourselves free on.. and I will be sending the invitation once it is  ready, “she had said.

My husband was right, the invitation did not make its appearance for whatever reason!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


2 thoughts on “The wedding “Invite” 14/06/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Maybe your neighbour forgot to send the invitation, maybe the wedding got postponed or maybe she sent it, but it got miscarried by the postman or maybe it got dumped in the garbage yard somewhere because you didn’t give the postman his deepavali tip…possibilities galore. But after dressing up for the occasion and starving yourself for some time to create an appetite to do justice to the delectable spread you anticipated at the reception, it is somewhat of an anti-climax. I hope you then went to a good hotel to enjoy a good dinner. Not that grapes are sour, but I am sure the food at the hotel was 100 times tastier than the food that was supposed to be served at the reception.

    1. meera rao

      I agree with you about the last part of your comment. Again there was this lady in the neighbourhood who was on the look out for a match for her son .She would invariably complain that present day girls are too choosy and also tend to dictate terms even before they agree to the alliance. I had an advance invitation from her to make it to the the wedding once it was fixed.
      You can guess what happened subsequently.

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