The “Winner” 08/06/2010

How did the contest  go  and who won the prize? Asked my husband  as soon as I returned  home.(I had  told him earlier that I was one of the judges for  a contest   conducted by IMA.

It was a contest with a difference, infact a very unique one, I said  trying  to be evasive.

What was so unique about  it? He said.

Well, have you heard  of  a contest  for  “the Most Mismanaged  Association?” I said.

What!  He exclaimed. You must be joking, he added.

No, I am serious, I said.

Who were the contenders? I am sure  no one would have enrolled themselves for something that doesn’t speak well  of them  or the Association they head, he said.

On the other hand there were several  representing  their centres   vying with one another to come out a “Winner”, I said.

I am  surprised  that  someone takes pride in being branded as the Head of  “The Most Mismanaged Association”, he chuckled  still  unable to digest  what I  had said.

You forget that  the contest is conducted by  IMA,  a very prestigious Body.  Anything with an International tag, that too  headquartered in The U.S.  doubles in its worth, you know,  I quipped.

O.K.Why don’t you tell me the criteria  on which the winner was decided, he  asked.

Three things:  Its bad Public Relations; Its  dwindling  image among its members and  its  total lack of Personal Touch,  I stated.

Did  any  one Association  fulfil  these criteria?  (he sounded curious).

“Unfortunately”  there was  only ONE  that  did  which  came as a  “disappointment ’to all those in the fray.  Charity begins at Home, don’t you know ? I answered.

He gave me an understanding smile and  there was no need for me to say anything further.

 n.meera raghavendra rao  


2 thoughts on “The “Winner” 08/06/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    I guess the winning team was “MMA”. This acronym can spell either Madras Management Association or Most mismanaged Association. Both the expansions are synonymous.

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