Sweet Mango pickle and me 01/07/2010

One of the many things I enjoy is  spending a few days with my brother and his family in Hyderabad  which I did recently.  Our onward journey was rather uneventful  as we didn’t  counter  turbulence in the air, nor did we crash land  at Rajiv Gandhi International airport. Once in Hyderabad we  had a gala time  roaming about  not withstanding  the warm weather and sultry evenings. I noticed  the city looked different and more congested ( its nearly a year since I visited last) with  half finished medians appearing  on main roads and  commuters  forced  to travel that extra distance  to reach  their  destination  and also  pay  much more than what the metre showed, in the name of  the recent hike in petrol prices.

How  can one  leave  Hyderabad  without  having a go at the freshly home made mango pickle, I thought  on the last day of my stay. Knowing my fondness for the sweet mango pickle,   my sister-in-law  packed  a large spoon full of  this  along with  “minappa rotte” ( an Andhra dish made with idli dough) in a  plastic box  with a small partition for my dinner.  Once I  boarded  the train  and the ticket  collector checked our tickets, I  gently  and unobtrusively  tried to pull out  the  plastic box from the carry bag to have my dinner. And  to my shock I found  my grip was loosening  and the box slipping  from my hands ! Then I  took the box along with the carry bag and to my consternation found  red oil dripping from the bag and the box was also fully covered  with it. I quickly took out my handkerchief and tried to wipe the box  and my hand in turns but it only  resulted in my kerchief also turning into a bright red colour!  When I looked up, the lady  sitting opposite  me  asked if I needed  some  tissue. I  helplessely  nodded and accepted  it  thanking her profusely  for coming to my aid.

Though  the pickle looked pathetic drained of all the oil  I was thankful that it still remained there for me to relish  along with  the Andhra dish!

 n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “Sweet Mango pickle and me 01/07/2010

  1. V. R.

    We had an experience of pickle leaking out of the bottle inside the suitcase and ruining all the clothes!
    Once my m-i-l sent shikakai powder from Chennai to Kanpur by parcel (we were at IIT Kanpur for a few years soon after we were married). The powder tore out of the packing paper and oozed out of the cloth reinforcement like a cloud of dust. The postman brought it in with a terrible look on his face and dropped it on the floor as if it was some thing the cat brought in!

  2. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    I happened to read this piece just before dinner time when my stomach was growling with hunger. It reminded me of the Avagai – mango pickled in mustard oil, which my sister in Hyderabad keeps sending me. I am, even as I write this, telling my wife to take out that bottle and keep it on the dinner table. But I like the sweet type also. Gujaratis are specialists in the sweet variety. In a brand called “Mother’s pickles” made in Poone, you will get sweet Mango pickle. Pl. check it out.

  3. meera rao

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner with the “avakai” your sister sent .I feel preparing “avakai” is the easiest and fastest as well, provided someone cuts the mangoes for you.

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