Oh those nicknames! 09/07/2010

How did your kitty party go? Asked my husband  as we were having dinner.

It was the most embarrassing party I have ever had, I  rued.

Well, what happened, wasn’t the food delivered on time? he said.

No, nothing like that, in fact the food was the only saving grace which  had lifted my sagging spirits, I confessed. 

Did you make any faux pas?

No, infact I  acquitted  myself  splendidly  playing the perfect  hostess engaging everyone  with games and  quiz  contests between groups,   and my friends complimented me on the meticulous arrangements I had  made for the party.

Then what is your grouse when everything seems to have gone off well, he said.

Yes it did, but it had a bad beginning, I lamented.

Sometimes things begun well, don’t end well. So  forget about the bad start, he consoled.

No, I just can’t get over it, the way Aish greeted my friends  with their nick names prefixed to aunty, I  lamented.

That’s serious, what did she say? Said my husband  with concern.

She  said Hello, CB aunty to one, hello  FS aunty to another, GV aunty to the third, BM  to the fourth, PC aunty to the fifth, SV to the sixth and so on, I said trying to remember the sequence of their arrival.

What was their reaction? Didn’t they ask why the girl was addressing them with those prefixes?

I  diverted their attention before the girl could  explain   what they stood for , I said.

Marvellous, I really admire the girl’s memory, only wish she exhibited her memory power in her studies, quipped my husband as an after thought.

By the way who gave all these nicknames and what do they stand for, he asked  feigning  ignorance.

You should know better, I  shot back stressing  You.

n.meera raghavendra rao


9 thoughts on “Oh those nicknames! 09/07/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Your husband obviously has baptised your friends with these nicknames, based on their idiosyncracies. I presume your daughter Aish is a very young girl and she has heard your husband using these nicknames in their absence. In all her childhood innocence she used them, almost precipitating an end to your friendships, if you had not intervened in time !

    We can’t be too careful while talking about others, in front of our children. While answering the doorbell, our 3 year old child should not blurt out, ” Mummy, that lady who is a no-good gossip-monger has come “.

  2. V.R.

    Giving nicknames to teachers is a common pastime of students in schools and colleges. Our physics teacher was N Ananthkrishnan, initials N A. We used to call him Sodium, which has the chemical symbol Na. Our Sanskrit teacher wore a head gear and he was called Bharathi. The geography teacher in school was nicknamed after his shape as Yeeya Kacchiti, meaning a lead pot, in which Rasam used to be made in olden days!

    1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

      Children are so creatively mischievous in concocting these pseudonyms ! You and your colleagues are no exception. I couldn’t stop giggling for more than half an hour, visualising the scenario.

      It’s one way of regaining your loss of self-esteem and creating a level playing field when faced with patronizing & supercilious teachers & professors, who make you feel that you are dunces and dunderheads !!

  3. V.R.

    At the receiving end, while studying in U.K., the fellow English students nicknamed me Yogi, a cartoon character with that name! I would’nt know what names I was given by my IIT students running literally into thousands!!

  4. meera rao

    V.N.K. and V.R
    It’s amusing to read your comments.I wonder what readers like you have nick names for journalist/writers like me.I am curious to know.

  5. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    It could be TFE for example, which could stand for The Fourth Estate. It could also be expanded as The Feminist Egalitarian by the MCPs (Male Chauvinist pigs). But people who have a lot of respect for you, like me, will call you a Terrific Female Educationist.

    It is difficult to please everybody all the time. So it is better to focus on your creative urges and keep writing and to hell with what others think about you and how they nickname you. Edmund Hillary when asked “Why do you want to climb Mt. Everest ?” he simply replied, ” Because it is there”. If people ask you “Why do you wish to write ?”- you can say,” To achieve self-esteem”. If “Other-esteem” comes your way, it is a bonus. If it doesn’t, to hell with it.

    1. meera rao

      This reminds me of the question I asked the famous writer R.K.Narayan as why he had taken to writing. ‘For want of doing anything better’he answered unhesitatingly.

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