LAP DOGS OR…05/07/2010

Don’t you think we should have a pet? said my husband as we were having breakfast.

What’s come over you? Why this sudden desire to have a pet? I asked.

Haven’t you noticed something in Vancouver, even a beggar sitting a few yards away from the Vancouver Sheraton had a pet dog, said he.

Yes, even I saw that chap dressed in a black pant and a coat feeding his dog with biscuits  while  he was enjoying  his  coke, I said.

You know something, my friend said there is a beggar who goes around in his car calling on people asking money for a drink of beer and also for his fuel, said my husband.

It’s news to me. I thought beggars had only pets but never knew some owned cars as well in Vancouver, I said quite surprised.

Well, it only shows beggars are more prosperous in Vancouver compared to those in our country, he observed.

By the way what pet shall we have, a cat or a dog?

I thought you were joking because all these decades we have been married you never once expressed your fondness for a pet, I said not very pleased at his sudden desire.

Well, I just thought it would be a good idea to have a lap dog. It was amusing watching those tiny creatures in white wagging their tails. Also  their bark is  not harsh to the ears like our neighbour’s  dog, he said.

We seem to have no choice with that creature which howls most of the time which is so disgusting ,I  lamented.

Have you ever wondered why it howls so much? He asked.

Because  the owners  are away most of the time and it is left alone.You see even animals  want company, I  observed.

Aye , you are absolutely right for once, he concurred. 

When shall  I  get  the lap dog home? He asked.

From his tone I could see that he was serious and was waiting for my nod.

I suggest you better go in for a laptop which would be useful to  both of us  rather than a lap dog because   pets as you know are my “pet” peeve, I said.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


4 thoughts on “LAP DOGS OR…05/07/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Females who are senior citizens would have, in the prime of their life, spent all their energies and involved themselves completely in the upbringing of their kids only to find them ungrateful & indifferent later on. But the same is not the case with pets. They are extremely grateful, are attached to you and never argue with you and this reactivates the motherly instinct by producing oxytocin in you. Makes you feel needed and useful. Hence it is good to keep a dog in old age. But what intrigues me is your husband, a male, suffering from the “empty nest syndrome”. Perhaps you could relent a bit in this matter and get him a pomeranian. Who knows, there is an outside chance that you might also love it.

    1. meera rao

      The piece is a figment of my imagination .Therefore the outside chance of loving the “pet” doesn’t arise at all!

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