Doctor’s Day? 02/07/2010

It  came as a surprise when I  read  that  there is a Day for Doctors as well  like  so many other Days  we keep celebrating  in this world. But why shouldn’t this indispensable, hard working, selfless breed  of professionals have a Day for themselves? I reasoned  within myself.  I also wondered how I should  pay my tribute/gratitude to the few doctors I have known or come in contact with, more as a journalist than as a patient! I  always wondered  why   they  display greater patience in answering your questions when being interviewed than when you seek their consultation  as a patient. Of course for  the first  purpose you don’t have to part with  a sum  for the time spent but for the second your purse becomes lighter and the time spent shorter and your prescription appears  longer! Strangely, you don’t find  the diagnosis written  in  the prescription and when you venture to ask the doctor  as what  is wrong with you  he either shoos you off or mumbles something  you can hardly hear. It is similar to the oral orders given to bureaucrats  by you know whom, in preference to written ones!

All said and done it comes as a comfort that  we do have  some conscientious  medical practitioners  who  care  more  for their patients’ health  and welfare  abiding by the Hippocratic Oath  they have taken  while entering this noble profession. Hats off to  them and  may their  tribe increase is all that I can wish  on Doctors’ Day.  

n.meera raghavendra rao 


7 thoughts on “Doctor’s Day? 02/07/2010

  1. Geeta Santhosh


    I also did not know earlier that there is a doctor’s day. And I agree with you that we should celebrate this day

  2. neeraja rao

    doctors should treat their patients with patience, spend time with them and explain the diagnosis to them. most of them do not do so.

    1. meera rao

      Doctors in Chennai don’t do so and seem to get away with it. ,but Mumbai doctors give you a computer print out of the symptoms, diagnosis along with their prescription.

      1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

        I never had a good opinion about Mumbai. Too crowded and materialistic for the likes of me. But after I read what you said about the doctors there, I envy the mumbai-ites. My experience of doctors is not so good.

        No doctor tells us how to prevent illness. Even in the curative
        aspects,he does not tell us what we should do in terms of
        changing our lifestyles ( which has caused the disease ), other than prescribing medicines. It could be because they are trained only to give drugs or do surgery, or they do not have the time since other patients are waiting in the queue, or they fail to update their knowledge by reading their prof’l journals or simply are not inclined to tell everything because by doing so, it might affect their future earnings.

        So we had better educate ourselves in Preventive Medicine. Please check out this website:

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