AAA 12/07/2010

How did the inauguration of your association go? asked my husband as soon as I returned home after my engagement at the ladies club. It was his way of showing interest in my social activities.

It went off very well and everyone said they liked my inaugural address, in fact, there was a standing applause for almost a minute, I said.

Congratulations for that. By the way, what is your new association called and what did you say? he wanted to know.

It’s named AAA, I said.

What! he said looking shocked. I never knew even women needed to start an Association of Alcoholics Anonymous. And imagine asking someone old fashioned like you to inaugurate it, it all sounds as a big joke to me, he guffawed.

Aye, that’s the trouble with you men, jumping to conclusions. AAA doesn’t stand for what you think, I am disappointed at your poor sense of humour, I said.

O.K. then why don’t you tell me what it stands for? I am sure you will come out with something similar to that, he teased.

Do you remember the party we attended on the occasion of Kamal’s silver wedding? And the farewell party given in honour of our friends, the Lals, who were leaving for the US for good?

What have these to do with AAA? he said.

Well, everything because they have been the motivating force, I said.

Instead of talking in riddles, why don’t you be more explicit? he said with a confused expression.

You see, Manisha, who is one of the members of the club, said she received invitations on both the occasions but had decided to deliberately skip attending them.

She must have been out of her mind to skip those grand parties which had the widest spread I had ever seen. I am sure “she” was the one who missed such an event, certainly the hosts wouldn’t have noticed her absence among the 200-odd guests who were present on those two occasions, he said.

There you go again, always finding fault with our sex. The real reason is, I believe she was not invited by these same people on any of the previous occasions when all the rest of us were invited. She said she was trying to analyse the reasons for “not receiving” invitations from them.

What was the general opinion of the members, I hope they put some sense in her and told her not to attribute motives for commissions and omissions, he said.

After discussing the issue in their last meeting, I believe they had decided to start AAA and appoint me as its president, I explained.

You have still not said what AAA stands for, said my husband impatiently.

Association of Anonymous Analysts, I said.

I am sure you will all end up with Paralysis of Analysis in no time, he quipped. If I were you, I wouldn’t have agreed to be the president of such a nonsensical association, he added.

A million thanks, let me start analysing the reasons behind that statement of yours, I said excitedly.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


2 thoughts on “AAA 12/07/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    There are two categories of human beings. One, the doers and two, the analyzers or planners. You mentioned Analysis Paralysis. Analysis Paralysis occurs when you become obsessed with knowing EVERYTHING there is to know about something. When you get caught in this trap, you spend all your time analysing, and no time doing. The trick is to know when to stop the process of analysing and start the action.

    The fact that you told your husband that you wish to analyse his statements shows that you are action-oriented ! Your association of AAA could easily stand for Association of Action-oriented Analysts.

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