My New Year Gift

Happy New Year dear, I greeted my husband as soon as he woke up in the morning.

Wish you the same, he said mechanically, turning the other side.he dozed off

Why don’t you get up, it’s almost seven, I said shaking him.

Aren’t you giving me a gift for the New Year, I asked.

He got up with a start and wiping his eyes, said, what gift are you talking about? I don’t remember promising you any gift for the New Year, did I? He bellowed.

I noticed it was unlike him to so strongly react to a harmless reminder of mine.

You did and you seem to have forgotten all about it, I said, feeling a little disappointed.

Ah, now I remember, he said after what seemed an eternity.

I am glad, you do, I said looking at him expectantly.

I am sure you will be surprised at my New Year Gift to you.  I consider it very very valuable and so will you too, he declared.

Is it an emerald necklace which you have been postponing to gift me for the past few years? I said feeling already excited at the thought of wearing the ornament and flaunting it at our New Year party.

No dear, it is something more valuable which can’t be quantified in terms of money, he stated.

Is it a designer sari?

I knew you can’t think beyond jewellery and   saris which is typical of even educated women like you, he chided.

Then why don’t you tell me what it is? I said impatiently.

He slowly lifted the pillow and took out a small packet and handing it to me said, here is my invaluable gift to my invaluable wife for the New Year.

I eagerly tore open the packet and saw the title of the book which said          “Consider Your Husband as God’s Most Valuable Gift to You” 

Readers, is it necessary to say how I felt?

n.meera raghavendra rao


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