Who is a good person?

What are you feeling so delighted about early in the morning, asked my husband even as I was entering the house after my morning walk.

Probably my happiness was writ large on my face, the transparent person that I was, I thought, at the same time glad that my husband noticed it.

Can you guess, I got compliments from the most unexpected quarters , I said, feeling really on top of the world.

Aye, that’s news to me, you mean to say even the grumpy lady who is always nitpicking had something nice to say? he asked with a quizzical look.

I knew who he was referring to and said for once even she joined the rest in showering me with praise.

By the way, what were the compliments like, I hope I will not have to contend with a wife with an overblown head, he said with his usual sarcasm.

You don’t have to worry about that, by now you should have known that I am a very balanced person, no amount of flattery can make me lose my cool.

Ah, coming to the point, our topic for the morning was to give our definition of a good person.

That’s interesting, I am sure each one of you would have had your own parameters or yardstick, said my husband.

Yes, of course. One defined a good person as someone who was friendly and helpful especially in times of need. Another said someone who accepts an invitation to any function in the family and makes it a point to attend it is a good person; two of them thought one who did not hurt another’s feelings was a good person; and, finally, one said a good person should be non-interfering and should mind his/her own business.

What did you say? he asked.

Well, before I tell you, why don’t you give your definition, I said noticing his upbeat mood.

Well, well, I agree with your friends’ definitions but feel most importantly a good person should not only be broadminded but also possess a tremendous sense of humour. I think only men can fit into my definition, he added, unabashedly looking straight at me.

Don’t be so sure, all my walking partners don’t think so. You wanted to know why they complimented me today, didn’t you? 

Yes, what did they say?

They all thought I fulfilled most of the qualifications required for a good person.

I am sure they didn’t mean it. Probably, they are expecting some favours from you because women complimenting other women is not very common, he said.

May be, but don’t you think men never compliment their own sex whereas are liberal with compliments when it comes to the opposite sex – as long as they are not their spouses, I observed stressing on the word spouses.

Perhaps you are right, he said before he could check himself.


N Meera Raghavendra Rao


2 thoughts on “Who is a good person?

  1. Hi Meera, That was a very interesting piece of conversation you shared with your better half. It brings a broad smile to my lips. In a lighter vein, I can say the the conversation from him very well defines the male species. The morning walk brought you a bundle of complements from different women, now yet another complement is on your way from me – you write so easily and wittily! That’s how you managed to get an instant yes from him, even before he realized what he was replying…lol.

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