Oh, those changing fashions!

Don’t you think  there’s been  a total revolution in our sartorial styles?  I said  even as we were returning from a wedding reception at a five star hotel. 

In what way do you think it’s been different?  Said my husband.

Well, the way  fashions are changing, for instance, I noticed  that  Chennaivasis  seem to  be  more and more fashion conscious and less and  less  inhibited, I observed.

You mean men or women? He  asked.

Both, I suppose, I said.

Can’t be, because   unfortunately  we men don’t have much choice when it comes to our apparels, he grumbled.

Perhaps  what you say is true for  men belonging to the older generation  but certainly it is not so where clothes for the young are concerned,  I said.

Why can’t fashion designers think of something new for the middleaged  and senior citizens  as well? He complained.

You mean something else besides trousers and shirts and the

 Indian ensembles? I asked.

Yes, that’s what I mean.   

Oh, now I can understand your grouse. Unfortunately there is not much choice of colours or designs when it comes to  trousers or  shirts. No wonder they all look alike, I said.

By the way, who do you think are  the fashion designers, men or women? I  said.

Who ever they are, they  seem to confine or concentrate on women’s fashions—economising on material to the maximum extent. Even  the most  “conservative”   women seem to have fallen a prey to these  latest trends, he  quipped.

Now I have no doubt at all. Certainly it “must” be  “men” who have  designed  these, because they know better the “minds” of their own tribe and what they appreciate!  I  exclaimed.

Perhaps, its true, the words  came out before he could check himself.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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