I requested my mistress several times to write about me in her column, I overheard a voice which was barely a whisper.

 Did she write? said the second voice.

 No. Not so far. I wish she does so that people will learn to take better care of me, said the first voice.

 Second voice: Well, what’s your problem?

 First voice: You know when I first entered the house, they treated me ever so gently. I was gleaming and shining all the time. I was used for the purpose I was meant for.

 Second voice: Don’t they do so anymore?

 First voice: No, that’s the problem. I double up for so many other things and when they need me for what I am meant for, they find me in a mess. 

 Second voice: Why don’t you tell me what are the other things you are used for? 

 First voice: Oh, so many and one day one of my legs just went cracking when the weight was too much for me to bear. 

 Second voice: Oh my, I am sure you are exaggerating.

 First voice: No, not at all. Normally the brats in the house use me to do their home work , their mother piles all her shopping on me before depositing them in their respective places like the kitchen cupboards, refrigerator, wardrobes, etc. The master of the house uses me to do his official work, that is when he finds me “available”.

 Second voice: I am sure all the things you’ve mentioned don’t cause you any harm, do they?

 First voice: No, they don’t but the other day when the lady of the house was having her card session, one of her friends sat on me (in one corner) because all the chairs were occupied and I broke my leg and I became unstable.

 Second voice: Hope nothing happened to her, said the voice anxiously.

 First voice: Thank God, she was luckier than me. I pity my master because he now has to spend quite a bit on me if I have to get back on my four feet and be useful to the family.

 Suddenly I got up with a start and realised the two voices were indeed coming from my subconscious. Everything in their exchange was factual excepting that the lady who sat on the table was not one of my friends but…

 N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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