From your Valentine

Why couldn’t  Praneetha   wait for another two days when she waited for so long?  Lamented  my daughter even as she  was going through the wedding invitation of her close friend.

Why should she  do that?  I thought she and Prakash  have been going steady for more than two years.Good  that  she is getting married to him, I said emphasizing the last  pronoun.

But mummy, it would have been better  if they had got married on Valentine’s Day, said Kirtana.

What  difference would that have made to either of them? I said.

A lot. Don’t you know  the significance  of  Valentine’s Day?  It’s the day when   lovers present each other with the most  invaluable  gifts  as  proof of their love,   explained  my daughter.

Oh, is it?  I said  feigning ignorance.  For all I know  Praneetha  must  have been presenting  gifts to her  boy friend  for the past so many years, I  added.

That’s why I thought  if she had  waited to tie  the knot  for another two days, the couple could  celebrate  their wedding anniversary  on every  Valentine’s Day, she said .

Kirtana, I  am sure  Praneetha  was not as  thoughtful  as you.  If she was she would have had the Saint’s Blessings as well, I  concurred with her.

What  has Valentine’s Day  to do with a Saint  mummy? Its  a Day  to celebrate  Love and  spend the day  together  and have lots and lots of fun and perhaps  eventually  marry the man or woman you love if you so decide  She  enlightened me. 

Everything, I suppose, if you go by the legend, I  stated.

What  legend?  I don’t think  a Saint  would  have known  anything about Love, she  guffawed.

I  wanted  to tell  her  it was she who knew nothing  about the  ‘ real’  significance   of  Valentine’s Day, the Day  that   was named  after the Saint Valentine  who  is believed to have  written a letter  before he died   to  the girl he loved  which he signed “from your Valentine”, an expression in vogue till today.

By the way, when are you and Pramod   getting  married? I asked  knowing that they were going steady for the last three years.

May be  on next Valentine’s Day, that is  if we still stick to each other, she replied casually.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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