The CVC debate 06/12/2010

Aunty, why is everyone  discussing about the CVC? Asked my  15  year old grand niece.

Well, a person becomes the subject of discussion  for  his/her commissions or  omissions, I said.

You mean to say for doing good deeds  and   bad deeds? She wished to know.

To be precise for doing bad deeds  more than good ones,  I  explained.

Why  does  such a powerful   person  indulge  in bad deeds? But, aunty  what exactly  do you mean  by a  bad deed?   The girl  asked.

In this case  case a  bad   deed  could be abusing   one’s  power   for vested interest, I replied.

What is that ?  she asked again.

Using his/her   official power for  personal gain, I  said.

You mean  to make money ? Don’t  you think that’s wrong?  She asked next.

Well,  Kruthi, it is  wrong for you and me, may  not  be  for  some, I said  not wishing to continue the  debate.

CVC  stands for Chief Vigilance Commissioner, doesn’t it?  she said.

Unfortunately  that’s a mistake  the media seems to be committing, including the anchors  on the TV, I  regretted.

Then what is the right expansion? She asked.

It is Central Vigilance Commissioner, I  replied.

No, aunty, I think it should be Corrupt Vigilance Commissioner   because you said  bad deed means abuse of power . Our teacher  taught us  what Lord Acton  has said :   Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I  was at a loss for words.  

n.meera raghavendra rao


5 thoughts on “The CVC debate 06/12/2010

  1. V Raghavan

    It is too early for a call on the CVC debate. Man Mohan’s govt calls him a person of impeccable integrity. I have no reason to doubt that. Let us see what the apex court says at the end.

    1. No harm in waiting for the Apex court’s verdict.Irrespective of the Government’s opinion of the subject’s integrity we have very few in the Government who can match our P.M’s calibre and integrity.

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