The connoisseur of ‘music’ 15/12/2010

We are coming to Chennai for the music season, read the mail my cousin sent. My husband who was nearby heard my reading it aloud.

Which cousin of yours is so interested in music? asked he.

It’s my cousin Geetha who lives in Hyderabad, I said.

I never knew your family appreciated any of the fine arts, probably your cousin wants to come here on an errand, he said.

Just because I cannot sing, it does not mean no one else can do so in my family, I shot back.

O.k. Does your cousin want you to purchase a season ticket for some sabha? he wanted to know.

No, she doesn’t say anything about tickets, probably she’ll decide after she arrives, I said.

By the way, she says “we” are coming, which means she is not coming alone, I said reading the mail again.

May be she is coming with her husband, said my husband.

Can’t be, because she is not married. May be she is bringing a friend along, I said.

Even before we could guess who that “we” meant, Geetha arrived with bag and baggage along with a young thing, probably in her  early teens.

Hey Meera, she greeted, meet my friend’s daughter, Sruthi. Her mother wants her to learn music. She feels if the girl attends a couple of concerts she may develop a liking for the art.

Not being a connoisseur of music myself, I sought my friend’s help for suggesting the names of a few artistes and where they would be performing.

Armed with a big list, I chose the most popular sabhas   within proximity  of our house. I acted as a guide to the duo since they were not familiar with the city and quite reluctantly sat through the long drawn out concerts. I envied the audience who appeared very knowledgeable and the way they were nodding their heads  and humming the songs  I thought  they were more  involved in the  performance  than the artistes  themselves.   Since my knowledge of music did not go beyond identifying the Pancharatna kritis (I found nobody sang them) I made no pretense in trying to guess the ragas or the songs rendered.

As we were half way through the season  I asked the youngster when she would be commencing her  music  lessons. Not bothering  to answer my question she  said,  Aunty, I  have already decided   to come here  every year,  as I  am  thoroughly enjoying myself . Her  happiness  was evident  from her expression.

That’s wonderful, did you like any particular artiste’s performance? I said.

I really can’t differentiate one from the other or one song from another, but certainly I can’t forget the delicious masala dosai, and medu vadas we have been  eating  in the Sabha  canteens. I think the best was…

I was sure she would end up as a connoisseur alright, though not of music!


N Meera Raghavendra Rao



2 thoughts on “The connoisseur of ‘music’ 15/12/2010

  1. V Raghavan

    Excellent Kuzhi Paniyaram available in the Bharat Kalachar canteen. (This is news from last year! Please check up yourself for this year). You now know why I am keen on concerts, even missing Book Club meetings!

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