Our New Year Celebrations 31/12/2010

Aunty, how are we going to  ring in the New  Year? Asked my niece who came from Bangalore for the Music season.

That’s going to be an absolute secret, replied my husband even before I could say anything.

Why don’t you tell me uncle, please? entreated the youngster.

Secret is a secret and you will all get a pleasant surprise, he said.

And  it’s going to be a very memorable celebration, he added. My niece and I looked at each other and  at my  husband in turns  trying to guess what he had in mind.

Uncle, are you inviting your friends and aunty’s as well, she asked.

May be, he said  indifferently.

Is it going to be a pot luck dinner with a few  games thrown in  like we had last time? she  said.

No, there should  be something different this time, something more lively, he observed.

Uncle, shall I conduct Dumb sharadz?  Asked  Sunitha.

No, not that, you see it will not fit well  with the group I am planning to invite, he said.

Then  shall  we  play  passing the parcel  and  have tricky forfeits?

Oh, come on, Sunitha, that’s too childish, he dismissed her suggestion.

Then what about an Observation game, I suggested.

He shook his head as an answer.

Dog and the manger, shall we? I said.

You can’t possibly  make everyone  run,can you?

O.K. Why don’t you tell us what you have in mind? I said quite exasperated.

Why don’t you wait for  another two days?  He said  evasively.

Suddenly I remembered  that he had purchased a struthi box at the music store  a few days ago and  had  wondered why he wanted one.

Are you  going to  treat  our guests with  a  music performance by any chance?  I  asked  dreading his  reply.

Well, why do you think I insisted on purchasing a Diwaan?  Don’t you think a stage is necessary  for my performance? Anyway  I have all the paraphernalia ready, a big zari bordered veshti, a silk  kudta to match, watch with a gold chain  and a  simple  gold  chain to wear and Iam going to borrow your diamond ring.Anyway you are arranging for catering,  he concluded.

But uncle, I never heard you sing all these years,  said  a shocked Sunitha.

That’s going to be a ‘surprise’  to all, he said with a glint in his eye  and a mischievous smile!

Oh no!  is all  that I could say.

n.meera raghavendra rao


8 thoughts on “Our New Year Celebrations 31/12/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Perhaps the hubby was taking secret lessons in singing for the last few years and when you thought he is visiting a company or library, he went to a teacher to learn vocal music. And on Dec. 31st midnight he would have his “Arangetram” as it were, in music. I hope he does a good job of it. It only shows that it is never too late to pick up a new skill.

  2. Hubby says you don’t have to wait too long. Meanwhile I am in the process of preparing a list of prospective audience to witness the great performance .Shall reserve the front row for you as you are the first in the queue!

  3. V R

    Being first in the queue, I turned back to find that no one else has yet arrived. I guess that they are all getting ready, just you and Hubby are getting ready! The TN ruling party’s New Year is not far off!

  4. The music performance had to be cancelled as the musician had suddenly developed a bad cold.Therefore I had to treat our friends with some games and delicious food ,it was pot luck you see. Sorry to disappoint you. Better luck next time!

  5. V Raghavan

    The next New Year’s day is Ugadi on April 4. You can have the function on the auspicious nearest Friday, which is April 1! I have to get back now, after reserving my seat in the queue with a hankie!

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