Kid stuff! 05/08/2010

How did you all celebrate your School Day ?I  asked my grand-nephew studying in class-4.

So boring, was his reply.

What was boring? I asked, not knowing what he meant.

All the things children are made to do in school, he said with a bored look.

His answer shocked me because the way he said, it appeared as though he didn’t consider himself one of them.

But, Anand, don’t you think they did the right thing befitting children of your age? I said.

Oh come on, do you think I am a child still? he said in contempt.

Yes, of course, you are as you are still in primary school. Only when you go to middle school or when you enter your teens , probably you cease to be a child anymore and become a young adult, I said.

But aunty, Rohan is my age and he tells his parents not to treat him like a kid telling him not to read books and see movies meant for adults. He feels the books they want him to read are all kid stuff and children’s movies are boring to watch. 

Yes, they are right, I said stressing on the last word. 

By the way, who is this Rohan you are talking about? Is he your classmate or a friend? I wanted to know.

He is both. He came from the US only last month and joined our school, said Anand. His tone suggested that Rohan, within a short time, had become some kind of a hero in his eyes and perhaps with the rest of his classmates as well.

That was a revelation to me – how NRI peer pressure is greater than the family’s influence on a child. I thought it was I who needed to grow up!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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