Friendship what? 02/08/2010

Won’t the hand-me-downs from the West never cease, I said rather thinking aloud.

What do you want to cease, asked my husband who didn’t catch what I said.

I meant the ‘Friendship Day’  being celebrated year after year, I said.

Let the children enjoy, said my husband sounding very magnanimous.

Enjoying at whose expense? Both the children wanted a thousand rupees each to spend the day with their friends, I said.

Oh my, did you give them the money? , his voice betrayed his concern.

Well, after a great deal of argument, they agreed to accept half the amount, I said. Anyway, I wasn’t happy at all about celebrating something that is alien to our culture, I said.

Well, we can’t help it, we have to move with the times. Coming to think of it, my father would give Rs.10 on my birthday while I was studying in college which appeared a fortune to me those days, said my husband reminiscing about his childhood days.

It was the same with me too, I said recalling how naive we children were in the days gone by.

By the way, are any of your childhood friends in touch with you, he asked suddenly.

Yes a few, I said. They have greeted me through mail.

Friendship grows over the years. Nothing like childhood friends, don’t you think so?  He said.

Yes and no, I said. It all depends on individuals .Some of my childhood friends don’t keep in touch despite promising to do so.  sometimes you come across someone to whom you  immediately take a liking and a close friendship develops  within no time as it happened in my case, I said.

Probably, it all has to do with chemistry, he remarked.

Also common interests matter. More than anything, true friends don’t need to convince each other or announce to the world about their friendship, that too just on a single day of the year or blow up their parents’ hard earned money as is happening with our children year after year, I said.

Thank yourself that there is no separate Friendship Day for ‘Boys’ and one for ‘Girls’, quipped my husband.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


7 thoughts on “Friendship what? 02/08/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    ……Also common interests matter. More than anything, true friends don’t need to convince each other or announce to the world about their friendship, that too just on a single day of the year……………

    Very rightly said.

  2. sundera gopalan

    Meera I have 2grandchildren[teenagers]and they will never agree with you.The modern generation want to go withtime for them .friendship day is important,i

  3. meera rao

    thanks sundera for your comment. I would like one or both your grandchildren to say why they think friendship day is important to them.Also wish to know how we were all expressing our feelings towards our friends Before there was a thing called “friendship day” .Waiting to read your response.

  4. sundera gopalan

    Meera yesterday I asked my grand daughter Anusha what she thinks about celebrating friendship day.She said she has friends not only in chennai but also abroad whom she meets very rarely and she some penfriends whom she never meets..So on friendship she gets the chance to wish all her friends she feels friendship day is an

  5. meera rao

    thanks Sundera for getting Anusha’s view regarding Friendship Day.I agree that it is the only way of keeping in touch with pen friends and friends living abroad whom you rarely meet.

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