The “H” Culture

The “H”  culture  appears  to have  come to stay, I said  going through the day’s newspaper.

Looks like it, agreed my husband  who was intently watching the IPL controversy.

What  are you so  readily agreeing with me? I  asked  as his prompt response   sounded more  like a  mechanical one.

Don’t think I can’t guess what you meant by H culture, he  said  his eyes still glued to the  channel.

I know it doesn’t require any extra ordinary intelligence  to  understand what H stands for. The  culture seems to have permeated  to all classes and strata of society, I  observed.

You  don’t seem to be happy  at the thought, he  said  with a tinge of sarcasm.

It’s an under statement, in fact I wonder  since when this  H culture has caught on with us women?   For  that matter  I  feel  you men  still stick to the conventional  practice  of greeting each other with  a hand shake unlike us who believe in being more demonstrative, I  said.

Well, you  are  both right  and  wrong,   he said.

Why this ambiguity? Why don’t you be more explicit, I  said.

Yes, you are right when you say   we men do   believe in greeting  men  with a hand shake. But you are wrong  in thinking  we  greet women the same way because we don’t. 

Then do you greet them the  traditional  way which is  the Indian way   with a namaste?  I asked   feeling happy that  my husband still adhered to traditions.

I never thought you are so old fashioned  my dear. Even a hand shake is on its way out and  it is  the IPL culture  which you rightly call the H culture  that is in and we follow  this in right earnest  when we  greet  women, he clarified, his eyes twinkling.

 n.meera raghavendra rao


6 thoughts on “The “H” Culture

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    “H” perhaps indicates “Hugging” culture ? Started by Harbhajan Singh when he lifted mrs Mukesh Ambani when Mumbai team won the semi-finals !

  2. V Raghavan

    LC (lifting culture) seems to have turned into TH (tight hug). After yesterday’s phenomenal win of Punjab over Bangalore, Gilchrist tightly gripped his boss PZ and she was more than willing to oblige! The excitement was too great for her!!

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