You must be really on to something serious, observed my husband seeing me engaged with my computer.

 Please, please don’t disturb me, it’s something very important, I said without turning my head.

 Aye, what’s so important that I am not aware of, he said.

 Don’t distract me, I want to complete this before the deadline, I said.

 Deadline for what, he said.

 Can’t you wait for once, do I have to tell you everything that I do, I snapped.

 O.K. Even if you don’t tell me, I can make a guess, he said not appearing least provoked at my reaction.

 Are you applying for a job, he asked.

 May be I am, I said wondering how he was able to guess.

 Is it for a consultant’s post because I thought I saw an advertisement for a Family Relationships Consultant in the paper this morning, he said.

 Thanks for the information, but I am not interested in it, I said, still continuing with my typing.

 Looks like you are updating your CV, he said trying to read what I had written.

 Don’t you know it’s bad manners to peep into other’s work, I accused.

 I know that, I am only trying to help you in case you have forgotten to include something worth mentioning, he said.

 Thanks for that, but I think I know my achievements and have remembered to mention all of them in my CV, I retorted getting more and more annoyed as the deadline was nearing and I had to send my application.

 Thank God it’s over, I said quite relieved that I was able to finish the job notwithstanding the frequent interruptions/distractions.

 I will be back in a jiffy, I said rushing out to send the document through the courier.

 It’s no use because the deadline for nominations for the top post was over yesterday, he said with his usual sarcastic smile.


N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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