Many Happy Returns of the “Day before”

Many Happy Returns of the “Day before”  greeted  my husband  early in the morning.

What  day, are you talking about and what is this belated  greeting for ? Have you forgotten that the day before was not my birthday? I  said feeling disappointed  at his forgetfulness.

I know that, I didn’t  mean your birthday at all, he clarified.

Then what did you mean? It was not our wedding anniversary  either, I said.

I know that too, he asserted.

Then  what  have you greeted me for ?I asked  not able to understand the reason.

Try to guess? He quizzed.

Well, let me think. Even the International Women’s Day has gone by, I said after a long pause.

I knew you wouldn’t be able to guess, he observed   with an air of pride.

O.K.  tell me  without trying my patience any more, I  said and looked expectantly  at him.

Just try to recollect  all that has happened  two days ago, he said.

Give me  some time  to do that, you know I am rather forgetful, I  admitted.

Ah, I am happy you  realized  the fact, fortunately   I  am not  as forgetful as you are, see, I remember all that has  happened the day before, he reiterated.     

Instead of  testing my memory why don’t you tell me why you greeted me, that too for something which happened  48 hours ago, I  entreated.

I greeted you  for  fooling  so many  of your friends who landed at our place having  taken your invitation  for  dinner  seriously, he said at last.

Oh, that, but  it ended  in an anticlimax, and  it made a hole in your pocket, didn’t it? I still regret  my foolish act, I  said remorsefully.

No, I don’t think  it was foolish at all! Courtesy demanded that I as your husband  should  appear  magnanimous  to impress   all your  friends, he replied candidly. 

That still doesn’t explain the reason for greeting me, on the other hand I thought you would be mad at me for what I did, I said.

No, infact I am eagerly looking forward  for  the date next year, he quipped.

Readers, I am still at a loss to understand  men! Coming to think  of it   I do because looking back ,  all my friends who landed at my door  at my invitation were all my female friends!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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