Going gaga about Rajdhani 07/09/2010

I thought  I was missing something  in life by not visiting the latest mall that has come up in Chennai and the restaurant  offering  a wide variety of delicious dishes. We  recently visited  this much talked of  mall  our city boasted  and the massive structure  appeared quite impressive from the outside. We entered through  the second level  (B2) of  the car park  taking the elevator to the first floor. Since none of us was aware of  what we were  looking for or expected to find, we  headed to  Big Bazar  once we spotted  the name and  its  location  which was one floor below. Yes, there was everything as its name suggested, to satisfy the requirements  of all ages and tastes with the added attraction of “buy one get one free” for the sari  lovers  who had a weakness for  bright and gaudy  colours!  The food court nearby  didn’t appeal to us vegetarians  and we headed straight to  the  much hyped and  advertised  Rajdhani (the hype was more from our friends).

When  we sought some  guidance to reach  this  restaurant, one  exhibited ignorance saying “I just join” and another was kind enough  to  give directions which we followed faithfully  walking  through   a  messy  and smelly maze  to reach  our “destination.” We  discovered  subsequently   that we  took the  “route” that was nearest to the kitchen.

I found the ambience is not much to speak of  but  the waiters flitting from one table to  the other gesturing silently to  each other reminded me of Pakwan, the  restaurant in Ahmedabad  where  they all communicated only through signs,without uttering a word.

 We had a choice between Jain food  and a combo of Gujarathi and Rajasthani  food. Some preferred the first  and a few among us chose the second.The phulkas and puris were served hot but the side dishes  failed  miserably with no vegetable content   except potato and paneer  used liberally.( Can  one eat  fluffy  rotis  with dhall  although? I wonder !) Of course one had a choice  of  the dessert (about five varieties) but  none  exclusive to the  two States. We had to  observe  silence  during dinner, not out of choice though. It was  because we realized the futility of  attempting  any conversation  while we were being entertained  to live  and loud north Indian music to the accompaniment of  the tabla.

Tail piece:  When you  visit a new restaurant for the first time, go with an open mind  or  no  expectation. If you are lucky You may come out satisfied and  with a feeling  of revisiting  the place.

n.meera raghavendra rao      


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