My visit to Kolus 10/10/2010

What are you counting on your fingers? Asked my husband seeing me engrossed in the process.

Well, just the number of  invitations I have received for the Dussera kolu, I said.

By the look of it they don’t seem t be many, he said.

Yes, there  are just a few, less than what I received last year, I said.

I can understand. Now a days  young girls are getting less and less interested in such things, he remarked.

That reminds me, you better check the date and address before you  set out , he literally warned.

I knew what he was referring to  and assured him  I normally  don’t  commit the same mistake twice.  During last dushera  I had walked into the wrong address since the house looked similar to that of my friend’s  and not surprisingly found not a single familiar face. All the same the elderly lady was gracious enough to treat me with a cool drink which was followed by a thamboolam. I had even ventured to oblige  her by singing  the only half  song I knew. I feel even mistakes come in pairs because I proceeded to visit another  friend’s kolu  and to my consternation found  the main door closed. I rang the bell and my friend (who I found was not sporting her kanjivaram sari and the accessories ) let me in with a smile.

The  kolu was very much  in evidence but  appeared incomplete with a few dolls yet to be mounted and  the colourful rangoli  half done. It didn’t take me long to realize  the invitation was for the following Sunday !  


n.meera raghavendra rao     


2 thoughts on “My visit to Kolus 10/10/2010

  1. V Raghavan

    I recall your write-ups last year about your visits to Kolu. With your experience, you would be a perfect judge for the Kolu contests that are held this year by two banks and a newspaper!

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