A memorable treat to the five senses 18/10/2010

October ,the 15th.  2010  is memorable in many ways. The occasion was the  First Indira Sivasailam Endowment Concert  by Smt.Sudha Raghunathan  jointly  organized  by The Music Academy, Madras and The Indira Sivsailam Endowment Fund. The hospitality  of  TISEF     was very much in evidence right from the  entrance of the venue.  The   invitees were extended a warm welcome  and politely  directed to the stalls where High  Tea was being served. The whole atmosphere  was brimming with festive spirit  with  colourful pendals  which were  brightly   illuminated.   The wide  spread   truly justified  the term ‘High Tea’ which  comprised nearly a dozen items :Jelbi, Badam halwa,  two varieties  of  sevai, three varieties of chutney, pongal, avial, kuzli paniyaram, alu bonda, kaju pakoda, masala dosa, sambar and  of course  concluding with  aromatic coffee, fresh juice and icecream (can anyone ask for more? we subsequently learnt that  the catering was done by Aruvai Arasu). A  couple of    bedecked and bejeweled  girls  enthusiastically  welcomed us at the entrance of the hall and the volunteers ushered us in. The  rich  backdrop  of  the stage  took our breath away and it came as little surprise when we learnt it was the  work of  the  famous Art  Director  Thotha  Tarani.

The highlight  of the event was  conferring  of  the first   Indira Sivasailam Endowment Medal  to Sudha Raghunathan  by Mallika Srinivasan, Mr. Sivasailan’s daughter. Sudha  commenced the concert with the varnam Veeriboni  which was followed by  some items that were Indira Sivasailam’s favourites.  For once  the audience took the announcement to switch off their mobiles seriously which was proof enough to  show  their undivided attention  towards  listening  and  enjoying  the concert.

Thamboolams  were given meticulously  when we were making our way out inkeeping with the  spirit of the Dushera festival.  The  whole event had a personal  touch.


n.meera raghavendra rao



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