Mr.B. Ranganatha Rao was in for a pleasant surprise on his 85th.Birthday 02/11/2010

When the birthday  “boy”, his wife Prabha and two daughters were invited  to a family get together  at Mahamudra restaurant, which is a part  of Isha Life Fitness System, they  little expected  the traditional welcome that is extended  to their  guests on special occasions. Even as the  whole place reverberated with  the sound of     nadhaswaram, a   beautifully decorated umbrella  was held high over this towering octogenarian  who though looked embarrassed  being the centre of attention, appeared  to be enjoying  every moment of  his experience which   was probably reminiscent  of his Kasi yatra, that took place when he got married  decades ago.

Seated at the head of the table,  with a child like enthusiasm   he was full of admiration of the ambience taking in every little detail  of   the architecture, décor, the furniture,  the ceramic ware, the cutlery  laid out on  the spotlessly white table and   tried  to guess  their source. We in turn  were amazed at his  interest and curiosity, a rare quality  of people of his age we thought.

The  fare    matched  the uniqueness  of  the  restaurant, the entire focus being  on health foods where they  mostly  substitute  wheat  for rice in their preparation.

‘This is  my most memorable  birthday’ said  the birthday ‘boy’  who is an engineer by profession, a connoisseur  of food,  a food critic who also enjoys in innovating  recipes. Coming from him is really a compliment, we all concluded.

n.meera raghavendra rao


8 thoughts on “Mr.B. Ranganatha Rao was in for a pleasant surprise on his 85th.Birthday 02/11/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    It is wonderful that a person after revolving 85 times around the sun, gets a party from his well-wishers for achieving a milestone without too many health problems. Lucky Mr. B.R.Rao.

    When I reach that age I expect my children or grandchildren to send me an e-mail or sms saying : Hi old man, are you still there ? If so, happy birthday !

    1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

      Seeing the speed with which technology is changing these days, I wouldn’t be too surprised, if one day people get a microchip implanted in their skulls, with which they can communicate with others, just by focussing their thoughts on someone ! “Impersonal” you said, meaning detatched, distant, formal,or businesslike and without much personal involvement. You are spot-on. Somehow you have a flair for using the apt word to describe a situation.

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