We and the Stranger

As my husband and I were rushing down TTK road  in order not to be late for our appointment  with the doctor, we  were literally  accosted  by a decently clad  elderly gentleman who looked at my husband  and  said  “how is that you are looking  fresh and nice?  

When my husband turned to me, the bald headed man said “why are you looking at her, when I am asking “you” something.

Not waiting  for an answer he asked my husband to close his fist  and  scrutinizing it  he  said  “Jupiter is strong, you  will have God’s grace”.

Intrigued by the stranger’s behavior my curiosity was aroused   (perhaps it is the journalist in me)   and I wanted to know what he does.

Madam, what do you expect me to do at my age? Was his counter question.

Well we are all of the same age, I said.

No, you are much younger, probably in your fifties, he observed.

Not bothering to reply, I repeated my question adding, “please say something fast as we are already late for our appointment”.

“Well, I will”. I also wanted to get married like everyone else but God willed it otherwise, he said remorsefully.

There ended our conversation and we went our ways.

When I told the doctor about this episode, describing the man’s appearance as very decent he observed, “it is safer to trust a man who might look unkempt compared to someone who appears decent”.

His observation left me more confused. I am still wondering the reason behind the stranger’s reply.

N. Meera Raghavendra Rao


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