International Women’s Day

How was the convention you attended on your Ladies Day, asked my husband without lifting his head from the newspaper he was reading.

That was enough to provoke me, terming International Women’s Day as Ladies Day, as though it was something like a ladies nite celebrated by the social clubs in the city.

It was wonderful, all the speakers were celebrities and professionals in their own right, I said with an air of pride.

OK. Is that so? Tell me briefly the highlights of what they spoke? he asked, still engrossed in what he was reading.

Not until you put the paper aside and listen to me more attentively , I said, quite annoyed at his casual attitude.

You women never change, always telling us what to do and what not to do, grumbled he, and reluctantly folded the paper and I thought the best thing would be to snatch the paper from him before he decided to get back to it.

Ah, there are three golden rules to be successful in whatever you are doing, stressed the speakers – to be hungry and foolish; to have confidence in yourself and not wait for approval if you wish to achieve something in life; and the third and most important, is to be true to yourself and not to be afraid to face or tell the truth. Don’t you agree all these are absolute gems and need to be practised? I said, stressing on the last word.

I noticed my husband suddenly appearing serious as though he was pondering over what I said, and was happy that he thought it worthwhile to do so.

Well, I do agree with what the speakers have said and that they should be practised also.

I was glad he thought so and told him.

Wait, I haven’t finished, don’t you think your husband has been following these golden rules all along except for the first one? Only thing is you seem to have heard of these rules only now , that too at a cost, he said sarcastically, hinting that he paid for the convention I attended.

Why except for the first one? What’s wrong in being hungry and foolish? I am sure the speaker meant hunger for knowledge and appearing foolish at times when we make mistakes, I tried to enlighten him.

Perhaps you are right, only thing is this gem applies to women more, though with a slight modification, it is not hunger for knowledge but for the husband’s money which is spent foolishly by ——


N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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