A penny for your thoughts

A penny  for your thoughts, I said noticing my husband deep in thought while we were having dinner.

I was only  thinking of the scene at the  restaurant  last evening, he replied.

What scene are you referring to? I said

The  scene  at the nearby table that drew my  attention,  he said.

You mean that beautiful lady  who was sitting  at  our next table? I  prompted.

No. damn it, not that  over made up lady who had a manly voice, he  snapped for no reason.

Then why don’t you say  what’s occupying your thoughts?

The  young man and woman  who were sitting  at the table opposite ours, he said.

What’s  so unusual about  them, in fact there were quite a few youngsters at the restaurant, I said.

No, but these were different and their  behavior too was unusual, he said stressing on the last word.

In what way,  I asked.

For one thing, even as  they were eating the dosa in the same plate, they were  arguing heatedly,  he said.

Probably, they are  newly married, I said.

I too thought  they are  till  I   found the man leaving  suddenly in a huff  and getting  into his car and drive away, he said.

Normally  they say women are more observant, how  is it that   you  didn’t notice  what was happening  not far away from you unless you have been engrossed  in thinking of something else? He teased.

Perhaps  it is because I was more engrossed in what I was eating  and relishing it too. I was just imagining from what you said  if the woman had walked away in a huff leaving the man who was probably her fiancé,  what would be your reaction, I  said.

Certainly, a win and lose situation, he stated.

Who would win and who would lose?   I asked. 

The man ofcourse  would be the  winner  and the woman the loser.

Why do you think so? I asked not able to read his mind.

Which  man would like to marry   a woman  who makes a visual display of her temper at a public place? He quipped.

Women, are you listening?

n.meera raghavendra rao


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