Stumbling upon old friends 01/06/2010

This past month has been very  gratifying  as   I   happened  to stumble upon    my old  friends  after  a gap of  nearly  two  and three  decades. While we were waiting for the food to arrive at  a restaurant down  the road where we  live, I felt someone throwing her arms around me from behind the chair I was seated and  saying “hello meera.” Her greeting exuded such warmth that when I turned  round to see who it was, I was pleasantly surprised to  see the  smiling  face of  my  old friend  whose name rhymed  with that of  mine. Though we  were seeing each other  after nearly two decades, we  were not conscious of the years that went  by  in between. We  could catch   up  with a lot of things  that happened  since we  last  met.

The  second  person I met  after more than  three decades  was   at  a temple  in Alwarpet. Imagine my excitement  when I spotted  my friend   in the midst of two other ladies  Before they could make their way out, I  hurried towards them  and  our  joy at  meeting  each other had to be seen to be believed. We found ourselves  repeating  our names  alternately  before we got down to  making any conversation. I   admired this pious  and dignified  lady when I  was introduced to her by a mutual friend  at a meeting  which  I had addressed  and she had presided  at the YMCA, in late seventies.

Though the years had taken a toll on our appearance, nothing else  seemed to have changed, where  our interests, traditional  lifestyle and  the  affection for each  are concerned.


n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “Stumbling upon old friends 01/06/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    I really envy you. When you meet some friends after a protracted lapse of time and you exchange notes, tell each other all the nice things which have happened to you, you feel so nice and reassured. It is invigorating. Yet. There are also some old acquaintances who, when they meet you after a time, compare notes only to make you feel that they are one-up over you in everything. It is so depressing. Glad to know that your friends belong to the former category.

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