Delectable Fare but for whom?24/06/2010

Cream Centre in R.A.Puram   is perhaps one of the  very few  restaurants that  offers pure vegetarian fare  and we landed there one weekend, not so much out of  our own choice though. My  grand nephew, a teenager studying  in Mumbai who has come down to Chennai on a holiday  went  Gaga  gaga  about  this joint saying it has an edge over its counterpart in Mumbai in terms of  ambience  and the quality  of  fare served.Well, I did  concur  with his opinion  having visited the one in  Mumbai and one in Chennai some years ago.

We were ushered into the restaurant after a brief wait  of 10 minutes and guided to the table in the furthest corner. Before  ordering the menu  I looked around  and  found  people   digging into the most  delectable fare seen or tasted.  My husband and I ran through the menu  more than once and ordered  the only item which appeared familiar to us.  The youngster ordered a sizzler  with an Italian tag  which arrived  shortly hot and fuming and  it was followed by  the two plates of    chana bathura  we ordered for ourselves. It was amusing to find  the  bathura  occupying the whole plate with hardly any space left for our fingers to lay on it! I realized it  required the utmost dexterity and  concentration    on my part to  consume   it, not to speak of the time involved in the process. (However  it   was comforting to see the Italian sizzler was lagging behind  the Indian bathura in the race.) 

Even as we emerged from  the restaurant  my husband and I   looked around and noticed  none  of the customers  appeared  to be  anywhere  near  our age! 

I wish  the restaurant would add a few items  on its menu  which are more senior citizens’ “system friendly ” so that  people like  us  too can enjoy its delectable fare.

n.meera raghavendra rao 


6 thoughts on “Delectable Fare but for whom?24/06/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    For that you might have to go to Saravana Bhavan, woodlands, Dasprakash or similar purely vegetarian restaurants. These blokes who start ultra-modern-restaurants are business people and would have done a market survey of the possible clientele who might patronise their joints. Evidently they must have found that the younger ones wish to come over in larger numbers than older ones. So the menu is planned accordingly. Profit motive ! But what about service to all sections of a society ?

    Chana Bhatura ? Yummy….. But Bhatura is made from Maida and not whole wheat. So sometimes like a nan it is spongy and doesn’t melt in the mouth. Needs a lot of munching. But the chana sounds delightful. I would like whole wheat puris with chana.

  2. meera rao

    Did the piece make your mouth water ? Someone should suggest that cream centre should include wheat puris on its menu to cater to the tastes of people like you.

    1. Ananth Suri

      By the way,I am a slow eater!Thats why the italian sizzler lagged behind the channa Batura.But it was an enjoyable meal and outing.

    2. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

      You seem to have such a wonderful flair for relating anecdotes and making ordinary, mundane events appear funny. Perhaps while munching and savouring the bhaturas, you were seeing everything in your surroundings with your mental eye looking for any oddities which could tickle our funny bone a-la R.K.Laxman. It is another matter that you didn’t find anything in Cream Centre to provoke laughter, or else it would have been included in the section on “Lighter side of Life”. Right ? One thing is definite. You will never suffer from Alzeimer’s disease because you are frequently exercising your neurons and not allowing them to perish because of disuse.

  3. meera rao

    Thanks Ananth Suri for your comment. Don’t worry, slow eaters really enjoy their food and that’s the right way to eat . The maxim “Slow and steady wins the race” applies even in today’s world of fast pace.

  4. meera rao

    I think my readers too are exercising their neurons in reading the stuff I dish out and by coming out with apt responses/comments ,they too are not allowing their neurons to rust .In the process all of us will be spared by the A disease, Prof.

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